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No words. It’s not wordless Wednesday, but it may as well be. Instead its five am, and it’s frustrating Friday, even though it shouldn’t be. So I’ll substitute a beautiful sunset shot! A picture says a thousand words – and this one is pretty bloody beautiful.

I start this 94th post on my blog (I know pretty impressive) wondering if I’ll have anything left to say at all by the time I  get to my 100th…wondering whether I will even get there (and yet I’m sooo close).


And so I come back to thinking in yin and yang terms. Is it totally OK to have times when you are creative, prolific, literally Shakespeare with a keyboard AND other times when you are flat-out typing in your password? (what is it, I’ve forgotten?).

Is it totally OK to spend as long as you need to just sitting contemplating, thinking or even (YES!) thinking of nothing? And does that mean what comes next is going to be really creative, really big, like Michaelangelo eat your heart out? I really hope so.

To think it was only last week that I posted about making every word count, every paragraph help or inform or inspire (what was I thinking) and now I am randomly rambling to my heart’s content, haemorrhaging words on a page like someone slashed up a dictionary.

We make sense of our world in the spaces in between the words, the pauses in between the phrases, the full stop at the end of a sentence (duh that’s why we have punctuation).

We craft what we really want to say by listening (to others and to ourselves) not by spewing forth from the mouth as I’ve been guilty of doing lately. So sorry everyone who’s had to suffer my verbal vomit.

We find passion in pausing from what we are doing to just BE, purpose in the silence that lets us listen to the language of our heart that can only be heard in stillness.

Or we do, if we give ourselves permission to just BE, to do NOTHING, nadda, nix – at least for a while to simply exist somewhere in space and time – finding ‘that space in between’ as my blogging friend Sarah explores so well (and writes so eloquently about). At the very least this post has flogged a blog that is well worth a read.

In the rush to blog, to flog my blog With Some Grace this Friday, perhaps I haven’t shown much grace at all.

But hopefully I have reminded you that a special space exists when we stop to see it, that silence serves us well and that doing NOTHING, writing NIX, is indeed sometimes very worthwhile (and not just plain lazy). Doing nothing allows you to go with the flow, to find your own flow.

So perhaps you might pause to watch my Sunrise/Sunset yinyang clock video for a few moments. Perhaps you might consider Mindful in May (as opposed to my mindless post) and raise some funds along the way as you find mindfullness. I’ve made up my mind to join Sarah in this worthwhile endeavour.

Enjoy time and space and sunrises and sunsets and mindfullness this May….

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Kathy KrugerNothing, nadda, nix

7 Comments on “Nothing, nadda, nix”

  1. sarahtsib

    Kathy I go through times where I stare blankly at the screen and nothing comes. I guess Ive learnt to step away and only come back later because that feeling isnt easy to sit with. I think its important to acknowledge that some days there are just no words and that providing some spaces in between those silences is important to acknowledge.

    Im a day behind with my mindful in may exercises – I hope I dont get kicked off the team! Thanks for the mention x

  2. NewLifeOnTheRoad (@NewLifeOnRoad)

    Hope you find your Blogging Voice again soon 🙂

    I once lost my writing voice and had to take a week off. It was good because I was able to reflect on what I wanted to think about and when I did came back online I had heaps to write about.

    Hope you find your Voice soon 🙂

  3. Grace

    I get it. Totally.
    Just take your time. The inspiration will come.
    It’s there. Just hiding and it’ll make its appearance again soon x

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