One thing (or maybe two)

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If you had to pick one thing you want to achieve (or change – see how I’m having a two-way bet here) what would it be?

What is that one thing that if you achieved it, could change everything? What is the one thing that if you changed, you could achieve what you want?

Right now there are people the world over, including those who attended Problogger, pondering this very question or already working on smashing their one thing out of the park. Some people seemed to have worked out their one thing even before the end of the conference, where they kindly inundate you with dozens and dozens of ideas from inspirational speakers then ask you at the end to come up with ‘one thing’!


(It could have something to do with the fact the ‘One Thing’ Instagram challenge is on the back of the conference notebook, designed by the team at Swish design, a la the lovely Kelly Exeter).

Me, well as you can probably guess, I’m a ponderer. I ponder round and round and round (as in a yin yang circle), caught between fast and slow, reflection and action. Nothing looks black and white.

But I made a snap decision in that final session about what my ‘one thing’ should be.


It is to think act BIG (oh and narrow). Yep, in typical yin yang style there are two complimentary things I need to do. Plus I need to think and act at the same time (but hey I can multi-task).

So when it comes to my blog (and my life) I need to think, act (and dream) BIG while simultaneously narrowing my focus with crystal clear clarity.

Yep, nothing small about that.

Exactly how this will translate to change in my life I’m not certain of yet. I don’t even have a back-of-the-notebook or napkin plan yet.

I do think it is easier to think and act big when your focus is narrow – ironic I guess, but otherwise things are all over the place. Clarity brings the certainty you need to dream big.

A smorgasboard is great, but in the end you have to make your selection. And you have to give up on eating some things you know will taste great, in order to eat others that taste equally fantastic. There is such a thing as being too full.

So achieving that one thing is as much about what you walk away from, as what you walk towards.

If you are paleo, vegan or sugar-free it is most likely a choice. If you’re gluten or dairy-free it’s most likely a necessity. But regardless of your diet at #pbevent #RACVroyalpines it’s one hell of a buffet selection.

Oh, and I’ve decided to narrow my focus to become a food blogger, on permanent reporting duties at RACV Royal Pines, which happens to be just around the corner from home!#winning

And the cocktail event.

And lunch (complete with dessert).

Can I just say One Thing.  As much as RACV Royal Pines did an amazing job with the service and the unbelievable food, and as much as they went above and beyond what event organisers asked for (and what our ticket price allowed for), I really hate to see wastage. I wish some of the money spent on so much food could have gone to #pbevent charity World Vision to feed people who really need it.

But the event was great – my head, my heart and my tummy are full.

I plan to ponder some more but not procrastinate. Meantime, what is your ‘one thing’? What’s your buffet binge – seafood, dessert, cheese platter?

Linking up with Essentially Jess for IBOT. Kathy X.

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Kathy KrugerOne thing (or maybe two)

14 Comments on “One thing (or maybe two)”

  1. deb dane

    The food all looked incredible. I think over catering is the norm God forbid anyone should complain because their fave dish ran out. I love the charities that collect from hotels and restaurants to distribute to the homeless!

    Love your plan for big and narrow hon xx

  2. toniazemek

    Wowsers! Your food photography is amazing. I think I spent too much time nattering and not enough time eating! Mind you, what I did consume was absolutely sublime. All the best for your upcoming plans. Such an exciting time. Here’s to another great event next year xx

  3. Vanessa

    I may have gone flipped out when I saw the prawns at the cocktail party and eaten like 4 in a row before even looking around me. I love seafood.

  4. hugzillablog

    I am such a ProBlogger fail, and can’t even think of my “one thing” other than to keep going and not allow myself to look around and get discouraged. I figure that’s OK for now.

  5. Nikki @ Wonderfully Women

    I think my jeans are truly grateful that I did not go to ProBlogger this year. That food does look absolutely amazing. It is great to see the ProBlogger Facebook newsfeed full of bloggers that have decided on their ‘one thing’. I have no idea what mine is, my list of dreams and goals is so damn huge! xx N

  6. Renee Wilson

    I love your one / two thing, Kathy. I have no idea what my one thing would be. I feel a little lost as a personal blogger at the moment and I’m not really in it for the money or fame – just the happiness it brings me. I guess my one thing would be to listen to my heart. It sounds as though you had a great time. Hopefully we can catch up later in the year. #teamIBOT

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Sorry for the late reply Renee. I’m also a bit lost but you happiness does shine through in the words you write and the connections you make – and listening to your heart is always going to be good. X

    1. Kathy Kruger

      The food was amazing. Your one-thing as far as your blog is concerned seems to be ‘anti-ageing’ – in your attitude and style. Great approach to have.

  7. Laurie Stone

    If I could change one thing, I’d live more in the present. I tend to be fixated too much on the future. How nice to enjoy the moment. I envy people who do that, like my husband.

  8. shannon @my2morrows

    That’s a great ‘one’ thing Kathy! I’m still processing everything from pro-blogger (including that amazing food)
    I need to go back and think about my ‘why’ and just keep chipping away I think. Taking imperfect action, as per Jadah’s talk. Wish I got to meet you there, maybe next year!
    Ps. Love your food pics!

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Sorry for the belated reply Shannon. The why is the big one isn’t it, coupled with that imperfection action. I’ve got the imperfect bit sorted. Hope to see you around the blogging traps.

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