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How often do you feel like you just need to push the pause button?

(like in Australia, on all politicians – can’t this election be over already!)

Maybe you are about to yell at the kids, and you just want that gap, peace for a moment to collect your thoughts, snap out of it.

Maybe you’ve worked a problem into a lather in your head and you need to pause that thought process, before it spirals you know where.

Perhaps you have a decision weighing on your mind, and you can’t get clarity (unless you shelf it for a little while).

Maybe you just need a quick recharge in the midst of, well, life.

Many people think of meditation as something that gurus in robes, hidden away in monasteries, chanting mantras and shutting out the world do.

Or at the very least, most people think it takes lots of time to switch off, that you need to close your eyes, stop your thought process altogether.

In reality meditation can happen in a moment, if you let it – or at least you can get mindful, reflective space back by pushing pause for a minute or so.

Not saying it won’t help to lie prone and relaxed and meditate –  preferably at a beautiful health retreat without the kids, with nothing to do but sleep, read, have massages, and generally look after yourself and where the meals, while healthy, are none-the-less delicious (no starvation here).

Ok snap out of it. Just a dream. But it was nice to pause for a while in that dream.

And you do have a minute right, to focus on joy.


And if you have another minute, maybe you have a choice to make – it can’t be that hard. Go on.

I plan to make more of these little ‘Wait a moment meditations’. I like mucking around with video editing. Hope you like them too.

Let me know in the comments below. Cheers.

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Kathy KrugerPush the pause button

7 Comments on “Push the pause button”

  1. Me

    Those were both great – clever lady !!!! I think it’s true for most of us – we need to take that moment to pause and think before we say/do something.
    Have the best weekend and take care !

    1. yinyangmother

      Thanks Linda – I guess the challenge is to pause ourselves while everything is going on around us. It would be good to actually have that freeze frame button.

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