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My all-time favourite word is Serendipity. I like the sound of it, all five syllables of it, as it rolls slowly and sweetly off my tongue. Se-ren-dip-it-y. To me its happy singsong melody resonates with the sound of soft raindrops falling in a sun shower, signalling a rainbow of possibilities.

Se-ren-dip-it-y – it feels like something good is finally going to happen – like someone is finally playing my song.

Its cadence also calls to mind that silly but cheery old tune ‘Zippity Doo Dah,” and thoughts of a ‘what a wonderful day’ that could be coming my way, with ‘plenty of sunshine’, and an unexpected visit from ‘Mr Bluebird’. I can hear him whistling already.

Serendipity has a funny way of finding us, whether or not we are searching for it.

Its accidental good fortune arrives to surprise us, even when in sometimes comes in the guise of something that doesn’t seem fortunate at all (like infertility, a long, sad story as regular readers would know).

Then there’s synchronicity – I have the great Deepak Chopra’s book on the subject (Synchrodestiny) – it’s a term originally used by Carl Jung and refers to the coincidence of events that seem connected, but aren’t obviously caused by the other. You know the stuff of movie plots that run parallel and then come together, as if by chance (or movie magic).

To me synchronicity is about discovering the patterns that bring serendipity into your life. Just being aware, allowing.

Connecting the dots between things that happen, often out of the blue, and looking for the good fortune in them, even when it can be hard to find.

Another artwork by Miss Yin

Another artwork by Miss Yin – connecting the dots

Last week a book I’d ordered 10 months ago, and given up on, arrived out of the ether.

It’s a 52 week Life Passion guide, by Barrie Davenport – I’d followed Barrie’s blog and ordered her book in early December last year, hoping it would arrive by January, so my 52 week project could almost match the calendar year (well of course).

In mid-January I commented on one of Barrie’s posts that I was still waiting (patiently impatiently) for the book’s arrival from the US and Barrie forwarded me the e-book copy to tide me over. But then the hard copy never turned up.

I followed up at some stage but didn’t get a response for some reason.  I didn’t worry too much as I had the electronic copy. Only I never got started on the 52 week challenge.

And then the book arrived, the week of the Problogger conference, the week a job at work that I’ve been anticipating (but somehow almost not expecting would ever eventuate) was finally advertised.

Serendipity, or synchronicity or both.

At Problogger they served little tubs of Serendipity ice cream (divine gourmet ice cream). At lunch. Yum.  I’ll take that kind of serendipity any day.

Of course a conference is full of serendipitous moments – the people you actually meet amidst a crowd of 450, the speakers you select from the sessions (although there’s always the virtual pass).

Is it luck or serendipity that you get to connect with some people and not others – after all we all shared the same space together over two days?

The first person I met was the lovely Sia who found out later that morning that her entire blog had been stolen (can you believe it). She had run and monetised her Greek Wedding website and blog for seven years. Gone. Hard to see serendipity in that, but somewhere, at some time serendipity will show herself. (Sia will be blogging about the ins and outs, and devastation, of losing a blog on her personal site).

And then last week, as the lessons of the conference starting sinking in, and life continued back down from the high you inevitably feel at the end of an inspiring weekend (including the sugar high from the Serendipity ice cream, at lunch no less), the Autumn Moon Festival with its big orange moon, and then the Spring/Fall equinox, arrived to remind us that we can start anew, think afresh.


The first chapter of Barrie Davenport’s book urges you to think about what’s nagging you for attention, while the second chapter bids you back to your childhood to remind yourself of what it was you really loved (just as Clare Bowditch had asked us to reflect on at the conference).


Barrie’s third chapter gets you to reflect on the limitations you’ve taken from childhood, those beliefs that stop you from doing what you loved as a child.

So I hope this week you can search for serendipity, discover synchronicity and rekindle what it is you loved as a child, letting go of those limitations.

Love to know what you loved as a child and your favourite serendipitous moments. Join in the comments below.

PS – I was a little bit chuffed to have my comments about Problogger and the link to my post featured in Darren Rowse’s wrap up of the conference.

Linking up with the lovely Jess for IBOT.


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Kathy KrugerSearch for serendipity and synchronicity

17 Comments on “Search for serendipity and synchronicity”

  1. Emily

    Great word, serendipity. Horrible movie, though. Not even the wonderful Mr Cusack could save it.

    What I loved as a child is a list that hasn’t changed much now. Reading. Writing. Imagining. And chocolate.

  2. Kirsten McCulloch

    Sounds like an interesting book. I keep reading these inspiring posts after the problogger conference (which I missed, 🙁 ), and wanting to act, and then I remember that I am going to be FLAT OUT (finishing up a book that is due out mid November and has to be completed mid October) for at least the next month. Synchronicity will be if I get the reminders of these thoughts next January 🙂

    Hi, BTW, I just popped over from IBOT 🙂

    1. yinyangmother

      Thanks for popping over Kirsten and good luck with finishing your book – I think thoughts do perculate up when we need them and that probably is serendipity or sychronicity. I hope you get the right reminders when you need them.

  3. Tegan Churchill

    Wow, I couldn’t even imagine how I would feel if my blog just disappeared like that! I was upset enough about my apple acc being hacked on the second day!

    I often think about how the things we do are interconnected, how an action leads to a reaction. It’s interesting to think about how the choices we made, led us to this moment in time and that even one different decision could have us in a completely different direction.

    1. yinyangmother

      Yes I feel so sorry for Sia too – it would be horrible – I hope you have been able to recover the damage of your computer being hacked Tegan. I agree with you on the connections between things – it is not just simply a matter of fate, but how we choose to act, the perspective we choose to take on things – all of it comes together within the universal flow to shape our lives – and looking our for serendipity and synchronicity I reckon helps us find our flow and make the best decisions we can.

  4. Me

    I love those words as well – as you say, they roll off your tongue so nicely when you say them !
    And I love it when things seem to just fall into place at the right time and it’s like a jigsaw puzzle that finally starts to come together.
    Your new photo is just beautiful – you happiness and positivity just shine through.
    Have the best week and good luck with the job that was advertised.
    Me xox

    1. yinyangmother

      Thanks Linda for the lovely comment – the photo is actually from last year’s family portrait shoot, I just brought it out from the about me page – thought I’d be a bit more personal. They are shortlisting on the job, so I’m waiting to hear – thanks for thinking of me.

  5. Have a laugh on me

    I have been to that cafe in New York – the same one as in the movie!! Go you for making Darren’s blog – I’m still yet to get my ProBlogger stuff out there. As usual a lack of time. x

    1. yinyangmother

      I never got to the cafe when we were in New York, but would have liked to. I’m wishing you more time – I’ve still got to type up notes and learnings from the conference so I’ll share with you when I’m done.

    1. yinyangmother

      Thanks Eva, and thanks for visiting. Hoping you get more time for reading (I’m like you – I invest my time more in writing, but I know reading makes you a better writer, plus what is not to love about it!)

  6. Serenely

    One if you favourite words, ‘serendipity’. Maybe because it kinda sounds like my name, but completely different meaning of course. I’d say my whole motherhood journey has been a serendipitous one… Through which I’ve continually been discovering new things within myself I never expected to find… like a whole hippy side I never knew existed before, with sewing/crafting, cloth nappies… And blogging of course!

    1. yinyangmother

      Glad you have had lots of serendipity helping you evolve as a mother and a person – it sounds like you are very open to it in your life – I think it goes pretty well with serenity too! thanks for visiting

  7. iSophie

    It really does roll off the tongue very nicely, and it’s a word I don’t think I have ever used very much. It is interesting how life pans about, especially when we are waiting for and expecting things that don’t happen as we had imagined. I cannot believe you can have your blog stolen? I am interested to hearing how that turns out for her. #teamIBOT

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