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You’ve been invited to a certain ‘special’ event this week where attendees are asked to SHINE.

There has been much chatter (it’s not Cinderella’s Ball peeps), far too much stress (it’s not Cinderella’s Ball peeps) and plenty of fashion advice shared, along with a few laughs (Robyna is too funny).

I’m not particularly stylish (yoga fashion anyone?) nor humorous (humour being a great way to shine), but I do know one thing – at the end of the day, in this big old universe, we’re all made from the same stardust – we can’t help but SHINE. 

This might be a daggy initialism/alphabetism/anagram/acronym/wanky wordplay (or whatever the hell it is called), but here’s my take on how to SHINE at #PBEVENT, or any time. (plus I quite like this daggy dropcap style that I never use on my blog).

Stand up – for yourself, your values, your story and most importantly your worth. Being authentic is really the only way to shine and a bit of confidence will help you really sparkle. We all have stories to share and regardless of the size of the audience we reach, we all have the power to serve someone. Those who reach a bigger audience can inspire you with their story for sure, but don’t ever forget you can inspire too – starting with that person you are speaking to (see below). 

H(be) Happy – you know what they say (as in style icon Audrey Hepburn said) about a smile being the best accessory (she also said happy girls are the prettiest). Radiate happiness and it will outshine any glittering handbag, Guchi or otherwise. Don’t just put on a happy face (although sometimes you have to fake it until you make it – red lippy works a treat). Try to connect with your essential happiness – through gratitude for the moment, recalling happy memories and projecting a positive future.

Inspire (and be inspired) – being inspiring means putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and being the best you can be, for them. It is not about impressing people to try to win their approval, but genuinely giving of yourself with others in mind. When you match what you have to give with what someone needs you can’t help but inspire them. And of course be open (and feel you deserve) to receive inspiration from others – relish the opportunity to learn and grow.

Notice – there is plenty of limelight to go around in this world, and we all get our turn in the spotlight. Noticing others, paying attention to their successes and their story is what makes you attractive to others. It’s perfectly fine to bask in the reflected glow of someone else – mirroring their light doubles it – which magically makes more light to go around (think disco mirror balls). Don’t be so focused on your own sequins you miss seeing others sparkle.

Enjoy (and engage) – Let your guard down (maybe not too much in the drinks department). As your mother said: ‘just be you’. And have fun while you’re at it. I’d say engage but it sounds like something we do to get feedback, or social media likes and comments from an ‘audience’ to ‘build community’. Just chat – talk, listen, laugh. If you set out to enjoy rather than engage you will probably engage people more. People will see you shining because you light up the room.

The lovely Kelly Exeter, one of the speakers, sought to reassure newbies to Problogger with a great post on the #PBEVENT group  (not sure if you can see if you are not a delegate). She said that is is easy to feel like there are cliques amongst bloggers who are just excited to see on-line friends IRL, or to feel snubbed by bloggers who are really just introverts.

This is my 3rd #PBEVENT, since it is my hometown and so costs less to attend. My first I was a total newbie. Last year I was preoccupied with starting yoga teacher training the day after the conference! This year I’m wondering why my little old blog still isn’t a twinkling star in the blogging universe. But I’ll still put on my glad rags and see you at the ball Cinders.

sparkly life

Oh and apologies from the sunny Gold Coast that it looks like it’s going to be on the chilly, breezy side. My advice, dress warm (oh and visit More Gold Coast for the latest things to see and do).

Kathy X – (PS, if you want to do some yoga poses to calm and centre you and help avoid numb bum, stiff shoulders and brain fug, here’s my post from last year).

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17 Comments on “Shine”

  1. Min@WriteoftheMiddle

    I love your anagram Kathy and the messages it sends! I needed to read this today – thank you!! With the upcoming PB event (my first one) I am tending to get far too caught up in my fears – my biggest fear is what I call FODP, a fear of disappointing people who meet me for the first time (a fear that I am not what they expected). My other fear is the introverts fear – fear of overwhelm and brain freeze. Big crowds overwhelm me and zap my energy. I need to chill!! See you there! 🙂 xo

  2. deb dane

    Fabulous post hon. I am not going to PB again (again chose nyc trip in October) but am driving down on Thursday for a dinner with a group I belong to. Nervous enough about that since I have never met any of them irl before and quite a few know each other. I think it is important for us all to keep putting ourselves out there, connect and know really we are all in the same boat in some way or another. Those bloggy cliques do make things feel scary xxx

    Have fun xx

  3. mummywifeme

    Great advice, Kathy. A smile is by far the best accessory a girl could have. Such a shame I won’t be there to hang out with you all, but I’m sure there will be plenty of updates online 🙂 Have fun x #teamIBOT

  4. Robyna

    Thanks for sharing my silly little post. I am so looking forward to immersion in inspiration and a little enjoyment too. And I think this blog is pretty sparkly xxx

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