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It was bound to happen. Post-Problogger, when inspiration needs to turn to perspiration (or at least to words, if not sweat on a page) to find oneself post-less, as the Queen might say. Oh dear, what a bother! Bog on the blog.

But while I may be post-less, I’m trying not to be pointless.

I hope it won’t be too bad – I need to think in yin yang terms and understand that moments of creativity, inspiration and ‘awesomeness’, will necessarily be balanced out by moments of writer’s block and ‘unawesomness’ (not really a word). It is the universal way.

And rather than writing crapping on, I thought I’d find a good use for my post by plugging a cause close to my heart and one that will bring a smile to your face.

You see next Friday (ie in one week), it will be World Smile Day, an international day for smiling and acts of kindness created by Harvey Ball, the guy who gave us the smiley face. (I can hear a grin spreading slowly across your face, a laugh trying to sneak out the sides of your mouth). Go on, you can do it!smiley-face1

The day is all about spreading smiles – and it is open to you to do things to make other people smile (which is a reflection of course of your own happiness).


But more than simply getting the planet people to smile, we can also raise money to bring smiles to faces that struggle to know how to. To little faces that smile, despite the struggle.

Every three minutes a child is born with a cleft lip or palate, and one in ten of them will die before their first birthday.
Smiles from a happy patient

Smiles from a happy patient

Operation Smile is a global charity to support reconstructive surgery for children in developing countries by volunteer medical teams – sometimes it is relatively simple, especially to achieve life-changing cosmetic changes, other times surgery is more complex and multiple operations are required.

Smiling after surgery

Smiling after surgery

When we adopted our daughter in China, the sad faces of children with cleft lips and palates stared down on us from a poster in the room in which we nervously waited to meet our healthy and perfectly-formed daughter. Pangs of guilt muddled with so many mixed emotions that day.

Over the years we have donated and supported cleft palate surgery in China and the need remains great around the world.

I have set up a fundraising page for Operation Smile (through Everyday Hero) – Please consider donating to this worthy cause.

In return, I’d like to spread the smiles – so send me your favourite photos and I will edit them into a montages of smiles to use as wallpaper for your computer screen and smart phone. I hope to capture some great smiles from this community – together we can make each other happy.

Just email photos of your own smile, your kids great smiles, as many as you like, to: And please, support this great cause – it really is life-changing.

smile project_edited-5

What do you think – will you support Project Smile? I hope so. I will be plugging it all throughout October.

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Kathy KrugerThe smile project

17 Comments on “The smile project”

  1. Penny

    What a beautiful cause. I also love the idea of a day to make people smile. I’d love some ideas before next week. E.g. Send a letter in the post, give a friend a flower…

  2. Me

    What a great cause ! I will definitely donate and send you some photos of our smiles !
    Thank you for sharing this so that we can help others less fortunate than ourselves.
    Have the best weekend !

  3. Me

    Can’t seem to donate from this computer – something to do with cookies – have set an alarm to remind me to make a donation at home this evening !

      1. yinyangmother

        Lisa – I reckon that is a good approach. I can’t explain how exactly our talk progressed, but it did felt like it flowed with her curiosity and the logic of the explanations. I’m sure we will be revisiting it though. (It is so funny how so many of us bloggers have girls around the same age).

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