Sometimes you’re so proud

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Sometimes you are so proud…..

When your 10 year old daughter, who loves loom bands (like all 10 year old girls) and has a friend who has given her a few to make, says she can wait until her birthday – in three months time – for her friend to give her a kit and bands (as her friend has generously said she will). I was planning to buy her a kit this school holidays. “It’s OK Mum,” she says. “I can wait.”

When you are playing Uno on a Friday night, (after a couple of G&T’s) with said 10 year old and your four year old (who of course has no idea) – and the ten year old doesn’t even really care that her brother has no idea, and the four year old, with a bit of help from you, manages to win, like REALLY – and we all laugh about it. I’m proud of myself for playing (when I didn’t really feel like it on a Friday night). I’m proud of my daughter for tolerating her brother. I’m proud of my boy for winning, somehow!

When the four year old pulls off these little ‘diamonte’ stickers that the ten year old has formed into a love heart on your wallet, and the 10 year old does’t re-act (much) and the four year old feels a bit bad and turns the diamonte stickers into a rainbow design on your wallet. ‘Look Mum, Rainbow.”

Then the ten year old makes them into a love heart again and says, “I love you Mum”.

When the four year old, who was demanding your attention (earlier in the evening) calms down and listens when you tell him that Mummy is in the middle of making a (small) donation to help some poor people and he just has to wait, and he says ‘OK Mum’. And he asks about the poor people, and worries that they are sad. And you say ‘They might not be sad, but they are poor and they just need some help’. And he says he doesn’t want them to be sad or poor. And he waits while you do the online transaction and still he asks, concerned, ‘Are the poor people sad?’

That pride, pretty good heh!

When was the last time you were really proud of your kids (or yourself)?

What makes you the proudest parent around?

Come on, boast!!

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PS – Just a bit proud of myself as one of my kid’s meditation videos seems to now be the No 1 Google search result when you google ‘kid’s meditation videos’ or ‘children’s meditation videos’. Almost 15,000 views for the videos. Love you to check out the latest one, and watch the end for ‘bloopers’.




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Kathy KrugerSometimes you’re so proud

27 Comments on “Sometimes you’re so proud”

  1. Bek Mugridge

    I just love this and I can literally picture that wonderful game of UNO and the beautiful laughter you all enjoyed. That is bliss right there 🙂
    I am bookmarking this children’s meditation – awesome, cannot wait to do it with my girls these school holidays and congratulations on it doing so well and making a difference in kids lives – wonderful XX

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thanks Bek – hope your girls like it – I have a few others on my you-tube channel too. All a bit of an experiment to see how they work in calming our kids. I figure they are soooo overstimulated with tv, games, ipads etc, that something visual may work to calm and centre them too.

  2. Me

    Definitely worth being proud of them – you are raising two amazing human beings – they will grow up into wonderful adults. Be proud of yourself !!!
    Have a wonderful day !

  3. Zanni Arnot

    I’m proud of my kids constantly, and I tell them. I don’t worry about all the stuff about not praising kids etc…I tell them constantly how great I think they are. xx

  4. Caz @ Home Heart Haven

    Love it Kathy and your Little Yang is just delightful! My little man makes my heart burst with pride quite regularly. Yesterday at the cafe he made an elderly couple chuckle with his cheeky grin, newly acquired winking skills and infectious warmth.

  5. Eleise

    I love your you tube video, how fantastic! I will share it with Miss 5 this afternoon! I am so proud of my daughters manners because people are always saying what gorgeous manners she has 🙂

  6. Grace

    Such a nice feeling when your chest swells a little and your eyes well up with tears of happiness. I was proud of the boys just this morning doing swimming. They looked so cute and so determined.

  7. always josefa (@always_josefa)

    What beautiful moments to be proud of! I always tell my boys that I am proud of them, even for things that don’t break world records or standards – just good things and important things, I think a child needs to hear that their parents are proud of them – gives them a strong sense of self as they grow up xx

  8. Tegan Churchill

    What great little people you have. I am proud of my little guy every time we go to the movies because he is so well behaved. He sits quietly and watches the movie and is sometimes better behaved than the adults in the cinema!

  9. Renee Wilson

    Congrats on the meditation clip! That’s super exciting! Your kids sound gorgeous. I bet you’re beaming with pride all of the time. I’m constantly proud of mine. I was proud of my daughter today for leaving her comforter on her daycare bag all day and not dragging him around with her as per usual.

  10. snippetsandspirits

    Wow congrats on the meditation video. I might get my over active little man to have a look. What kind hearted and compassionate little ones you have you heart literally feels like it is swollen in those type of moments. We need to remember them so it is nice that you have made a record here. x

  11. Kate QTQF

    oh, that gave me the warm and fuzzies. My 2 year old is just learning all about snatching from his little brother and everything is ‘what about me’ at the moment so this gives me hope. Beautiful moments you have captured 🙂

  12. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    Kathy I bet you’re super proud of your great kids, I’m trying to make sure my children have great manners and help each other, but it’s not easy, when younger siblings annoy the other ones. I’m proud of mine 99.9% of the time 😉

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