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So this is not a fire safety instruction you should follow, but it is what I feel liking doing – just stopping, dropping, flopping – feeling a bit burnt out by the first half of the year.

Burnt out with blogging – as my efforts aren’t exactly setting the world alight.

Burnt out by the rush and stress that is the regular school term for most of us, yet not about to enjoy the holidays.

As I worked from home (or tried to) on a miserable first day of the school holidays, with my mood to match the weather, feeling bad pain and generally blah because it’s that time of the month, I just wanted to tell the world to stop spinning.

Hubby the firefighter is mostly on his own with the kids over the holidays, his shifts conspiring to give him most of the weekdays off, so the plan is for me to keep working my regular four days during the week, and have the kids on my own over the weekends and nights while he works. It’s what we do, we all do – the juggle! I should be grateful that we don’t have to do a complicated dance of play-over swaps or holiday care to make things work these holidays.

But I’m already regretting not taking time off to just stop, drop, flop and watch movies with the kids on a miserable, rainy first day of the school holidays (and yes ‘I’m boring’ – as Little Yang still says and it’s too cute to correct him – has already begun).

The correct fire safety drill is to STOP, DROP, ROLL – so maybe this is what I should be following. Allowing myself time to stop and even to drop (that was yesterday) but then rolling along with life, trying to go with the flow (and stay away from the flames).

Of course STOP, DROP and ROLL is the advice only when your clothes have already caught fire. Ideally in a fire situation (and in life), this won’t happen and you’ll escape the flames.

The main fire drill taught is ‘GET DOWN LOW and GO, GO, GO’, which is paramount because it’s smoke that usually gets fire victims, not flames. Smoke rises, so getting down low affords you the best chance of breathing safely while you get the hell out of the burning house.

On a serious note, it’s winter and that sadly means house fire season – already there have been lives lost. Take the time this school holidays to refresh your fire awareness and that of your kids if you have them. Plan your safe exits in the event of a fire, check your smoke alarms and go over the drills.

Here’s an animated kids video about STOP, DROP and ROLL.

and here’s a Wiggly version of GET DOWN LOW and GO, GO, GO.

Life generally feels like GO, GO, GO but the trick is to stay away from the smoke that obscures what is important and that can be toxic in your life. Down low, or perhaps up high (just not in the case of smoke) the view is clear and so the path you need to go on becomes clearer too. Being busy going where you want to go is very different to being busy while stumbling around.

So that’s the lesson, in fire safety and life, that I’m going to try to take with me into this second half of the year.  Follow my burning desires. Stop, drop and flop occasionally. Roll out the flames when I have to. And GO wherever my heart leads.

Happy second half of the year. What are your burning desires for the next six months?

Namaste sign off_edited-1Kathy X  

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Kathy KrugerStop, drop, flop

18 Comments on “Stop, drop, flop”

  1. deb dane

    I heaR you on first half of the year burnout. So much planned for the second half including my launch and international travel. Stress is a bit high right now. Trying to breathe. Need to get back to yoga!! At least your yoga practice must be helping you lovely. Xxxxx

  2. Min (@riteofthemiddle)

    I can’t complain because the first half of this year gave me a long awaited trip to Tasmania and I’m no longer working outside the home. I also don’t have little kids anymore! Still – I have dreams and hopes for the second half of this year. Looking forward to Problogger – learning, time out for me, meeting bloggers like yourself! Good call for the fire safety reminder! I’ve already seen tragedy on the news in relation to old heaters or unattended candles etc! Hope you get a bit of down time Kathy! xo

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thanks Min – will be good to see you at Problogger. I hope we can have a ‘good’ fire season this winter too. I think winter always feels like a time to flop, but sometimes we can’t get the down time.

  3. EssentiallyJess

    I love how you wove those two messages in their Kathy; both are so important. I hope you get some time to flop and drop this school holidays. We all need that ocassionally. x

  4. toniazemek

    Kathy, this post is BRILLIANT. I too feel like stopping, dropping and flopping. Every time I see the Wimbledon ads, I declare I want to take a couple of weeks off and stay on the couch and watch tennis 24/7. If only, hey? Looking forward to seeing you at Problogger and raising a glass to the second half of the year. Again, great post and so beautifully written. xx

    1. Kathy Kruger

      It will be lovely to catch up at Problogger – a bit too full-one for the brain to be considered a flop but a great break in a way and a recharge of ideas for the rest of the year. Enjoy Wimbledon – what you get to see of it.

  5. mummywifeme

    Kathy, this is perfect timing as the girls had a team of firefighters come to daycare today for a bit of show and tell. I’ll be sure to share your clips with them. I totally understand what you mean about feeling burnt out. I am seriously in need of a holiday. SERIOUSLY. Anyway, I hope you get a chance to stop, drop and flop in the very near future xo #teamIBOT

    1. Kathy Kruger

      I sort of feel we all need a holiday when school holidays are on (and then as parents, if we are home we probably need a holiday after they are over!). But we can’t always take time off so it’s make do and flop in between things.

  6. hugzillablog

    Yep, I’m hearing you. So much so that I’ve had to withdraw from a whole bunch of groups on social media so I can try and find some balance. I’m not happy with my writing and I’m definitely feeling the burnout.

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