Sunrises and sunsets – a meditation

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Every day the sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening – at least we hope it keeps doing so!

The sun still rises and sets, even on the bleakest of days when we can’t witness its majesty. And yet despite those grey days, we seldom really appreciate the majestic ones.

Each day we’re gifted a new dawn – a new start – and then we’re gifted a new night – for reflection and rest.

Time stops for no-one, and yet how often do we wake to truly greet the sunrise in all its breathtaking beauty. How often to we stop in the rush of our busy day fast disappearing into night to thank the sun in all its rich, golden glory for the daylight and energy we’ve been given.

How often to we stop during the day to feel the sunshine softly tickling our skin, to make the most of the stolen moments. How often do we pause to salute the moon, search the stars and appreciate the still and profound quiet of night.

In this mediation we’ll pay homage to the sun as it rises and give thanks for the sunset. We’ll notice the passage of time – the tranquil pre-dawn darkness, the soft early light, the brightness of mid-day, the firey blaze of dusk, the glow of twilight, the inky blackness of midnight.

So relax, enjoy, be grateful as you mediate on making the most of everyday.

It’s that still, eerie time when the whole world feels fast asleep. When dreamland feels real and when the sounds of the night have finally echoed into silence before the new day stirs to life. Precious moments of infinite possibility.

A lone bird heralds the fledgling morning, which is barely a dull glimmer, orange-red on the horizon. Clouds are like a blanket on the night, keeping the sun under the covers,but slowly it starts to wake. The glimmer becomes an orange glow that starts to spread out low across the sky, the great ball of the sun still below the horizon’s edge. Have faith, a new day will dawn.

And then it breaks free, like it’s thrown off the covers and the big orb of light starts radiating up and out, rays of pink, orange and gold illuminating fluffy, cottony clouds, streaking and spreading across the sky.

The golden globe rises, its beams burning off the streams of cloud – the soft light warms into day and the sky slowly brightens into blue.

Or maybe the sky stays cloudy and heavy so the sun must do its best to burst through in streaks and splashes, flashes of brilliance, before disappearing into the background.

Perhaps it’s cold and grey and sunlight struggles to break through at all.

Still it’s a new day, a new start. Dazzling possibilities amidst the grey.

Feel the sun as it shines its radiance and warms the sky, the day as it breathes new life. Feel the light as it caresses your skin and the breeze as its tickles your face.

Listen for birdsong, chase hazy clouds across the sky, watch the wind whistling in the trees. Feel the warm earth under your bare feet.

Stop. Appreciate.

As the shadows start to lengthen, the afternoon inches towards evening, the rush hour lingers in its busyness, stop again. Look. Look out a window. Stop in traffic and look up. Look up from work, from chores, from life and notice.

Don’t let the dusk go overlooked. Watch the sun as it slowly sinks down as if bidding a sad goodbye to the day, all the more sombre if it’s unnoticed. Watch its vivid brightness burn away into vibrant reds, spectacular oranges and beautiful pinks – pink at night – a sailors delight. Watch the clouds as they seem to hug the sun in a loving goodnight embrace, making a soft bed for it to sink into slumber below the horizon. Feel the cool of the closing evening, and see the lingering twilight evaporate as the moon rises, the last of the blue deepens into black and finally night falls.

Stop. Notice. Appreciate.

Time stops for no-one.

Stop. Notice. Breathe. Appreciate.

Each moment is precious.


Kathy x

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Kathy KrugerSunrises and sunsets – a meditation

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