Sunrises and sunsets and in between

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The sun rises, and later on it sets and then it rises again. In between is life, or OH-OH!! I’ll take life any day (or night). I’ll take the sun and the stars and the moon too.

I’m off to Japan, the land of the rising sun (pinch me I’m on holidays, pinch me again). Did I mention I’m on holidays!

Somehow it seems like a new dawn for me and I’m going with THAT. A full moon as we depart, going with the Japanese flow, the downhill ski run, surrendering to a different (slower) pace. You’ve probably read that the Japanese are amongst the longest living people in the world. There must be something I can learn about life!

While it would be lovely to pack all my lovely fellow bloggers and yinyangmother friends into my suitcase for Tokyo tomorrow, I know you won’t all fit! (and if you share my page – see social media buttons below– with a few more friends, there must might be a few more of you, and you will still not fit in my suitcase, sorry).

I hope to have lots of lessons from the land of the rising sun, from the land of long living and sushi and sashimi and really good skiing. I hope to have holiday perspectives to share, because sadly I’m running out of ideas right here and now. I’m running out of energy – I need to go with the downhill ski run.

Mountain - the view from the top is just different from the view from the bottom (1024x768)

Marie's photo - if you only look for beauty_edited-1what is more beautifulI promise I will come back inspired – meantime I’d love you to check out my sunrises and sunsets video if you haven’t already. Time ticks forward, it stops for no-one, and whether we are on holidays or living out our life’s routines, we have the choice to live well, to rise to the day – to make the most of that space between sunrise and sunset, and to get some really good sleep until the sun rises again. As it will. Always. As long as we shall live.

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Kathy KrugerSunrises and sunsets and in between

11 Comments on “Sunrises and sunsets and in between”

  1. coloursofsunset

    yay for holidays! sadly mine is almost over! *boo hoo* Hope you have a fantastic time! I love me a good sunset (obviously) but sunrise can be just as breath taking! x Aroha

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