Bringing it all back to balance

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There are some things I know for sure about balance. It isn’t easy, and yet it is our natural state. It doesn’t have to be equal, and yet it is about finding equilibrium. It isn’t black and white – it’s only in the richness of colour and contrast that we can perceive a beautiful pattern of balance. We can get … Read More

Kathy KrugerBringing it all back to balance

Let me count the ways

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Balance often feels elusive, yet there are so many ways we can find it, so many places it can be found if we are prepared to look. I’ve come up with this list – what would you add? Ahh…..Balance The balance between your expectations (of yourself) and the reality The balance between your expectations (of others) and the reality The … Read More

Kathy KrugerLet me count the ways

Balancing the baggage

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Is it time to travel light through life? Last year, when we travelled to Canada to live for twelve months with our two adopted kids in tow, you can imagine we carried lots of baggage. Life is seldom a straightforward journey, especially as far as infertility and adoption are concerned.

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Kathy KrugerBalancing the baggage