Simple secrets for balance

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Welcome Tiny Buddha Readers Thank you for visiting and I’d love you to explore my site. Find out about this site and read some of my most popular posts, here, here and here. I’d love you to subscribe so I can share more tips and tools with you. You want balance in your life right? (and left, he, he) Do you … Read More

Kathy KrugerSimple secrets for balance

Dance with life

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I’ve always loved the Bryan Ferry song, Dance with Life and the idea that we partner with God or the Universe to choreograph our own dance and join in love with human partners to move in rhythm together. I especially love contemporary (modern ballet) as the ultimate emotional expression of life’s joys and sorrows. I love its fluidity and rawness.

Kathy KrugerDance with life

5 reasons why it’s ok to wobble

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If you’ve hung around here for a while you’ll know my attitude to wobbling – it’s both normal and quite possibly essential (not just in yoga poses, but in life). You may have seen the video below, hubby ‘taking the micky’ and me laughing at myself. If not, here’s a quick link and laugh. Wobbling can be funny – which … Read More

Kathy Kruger5 reasons why it’s ok to wobble

Let me count the ways

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Balance often feels elusive, yet there are so many ways we can find it, so many places it can be found if we are prepared to look. I’ve come up with this list – what would you add? Ahh…..Balance The balance between your expectations (of yourself) and the reality The balance between your expectations (of others) and the reality The … Read More

Kathy KrugerLet me count the ways

A morning ritual

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Do you have a morning ritual? I’m not talking a set of expletives F#*!sh#@as*#ho#e that you greet the day with. Or that daily battle with your alarm’s snooze button. Or a s#it scramble, scream and screech to get the kids (and yourself) out the door to school, daycare etc. Of course I’m talking about a morning ritual that gets you … Read More

Kathy KrugerA morning ritual

The chat and the whinge

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Butter wouldn’t melt right! That face – this adorable face – you’ve probably seen it many times but hey, it sucks you in doesn’t it? And lately the chats do too – little snatches on the way here and there, sometimes full-on conversations. They take me to places of sheer joy as I marvel at a four-year-old’s unique perspective on … Read More

Kathy KrugerThe chat and the whinge

For the love of gratitude

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Do you love gratitude for its own sake, or do you practice it like you might have practised piano to escape the wrath of a stern teacher with an evil eye when you were a kid? Do you ‘do’ gratitude, like it’s a duty, in the same way we sometimes forgive more out of self-righteousness than understanding? Do you fake … Read More

Kathy KrugerFor the love of gratitude

Feeling defeated

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Often it’s not one thing, but a series of things that bring you to your knees. The cumulative effect. Sometimes it feels like the universe just wants to knock you while you’re down.  While you are weakened, life delivers a killer punch. The universe has been raining down blows on me for the last two weeks. There was the big … Read More

Kathy KrugerFeeling defeated

Balance in pictures

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By Kathy Kruger My blog posts are often around a thousand words, and you know the saying about a picture… I like to try to inspire you to think about balance in different ways, through a yin yang approach, and how it plays out in daily life, and sometimes photos illustrate this so perfectly. I love this picture, snapped two years ago while we were … Read More

Kathy KrugerBalance in pictures

Work life balance – tips for the time-poor

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Well duh! It follows that most of us are time-poor, which is why we seek work-life balance – the general premise being that we’d have more LIFE if we only spent less time working. I often talk of balance in more spiritual, philosophical terms, but how to translate that in practical terms? True work-life balance is less about how much time we … Read More

Kathy KrugerWork life balance – tips for the time-poor

Join the yin (r)evolution

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Don’t you know, we’re talking ‘bout a revolution, sounds like a whisper. So sings Tracey Chapman in her 1988 classic even if she despairs of so much empty talk that isn’t heard and even though the poor people still don’t have their share. It’s an evolution. (unlike the new Abbott Cabinet here in Australia, which in terms of female representation, … Read More

Kathy KrugerJoin the yin (r)evolution

A yen for yin

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It’s funny how when the universe asks you to be one way, you yearn, or yen for the other way. Do we automatically crave what we can’t have? (mmm, note photo above). I mean just when I need yang energy to be confident, active, out-there, socialising, I feel like I have a yen for yin.

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Kathy KrugerA yen for yin