Welcome to my Gold Coast

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This is the first blog I’ve ever written just for bloggers. In fact only last week I met up with my first ever ‘real life’ bloggers – they were real, and really lovely. This week I look forward to meeting lots more of you. Look out for me – I’ll have a big welcome smile (which will probably turn to a few laughs after a … Read More

Kathy KrugerWelcome to my Gold Coast

Camp Good Enough

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Imagine a place where you were always good enough – self-reliant, self-confident, self-disciplined – and where the whole point of being there is fun. Sound pretty good? Welcome to Camp Good Enough. It’s where my daughter is headed on Thursday for her first-ever school camp – my Year 4, 10-year-old is growing up! Only she won’t head to camp on … Read More

Kathy KrugerCamp Good Enough

Falling apart, putting the pieces back together

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When you fall apart, the pieces never fit back perfectly again, do they? There are cracks, and chinks, and little holes in your heart where you can see straight through to your soul. Those holes and flaws let the light of love in, and your own light radiate, for all the world to see – but only if you don’t mind … Read More

Kathy KrugerFalling apart, putting the pieces back together

Are you juggling life rather than making time?

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Clown juggling

Busy hey? So much for finding work-life balance or life-life balance. Too many balls up in the air – how many can you possibly catch? How many come falling down, bouncing around your feet, rolling away just out of your reach. You’ll retrieve that ball later, won’t you? If it’s really important. Time is a created thing. To say ‘I … Read More

Kathy KrugerAre you juggling life rather than making time?

Attack of the horrormones

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Watch out world!  I’m suffering an attack of the ‘horrormones’ and I can’t be held responsible for who I attack as a result. Well that’s my excuse anyway. (Horrormones are hormones on steroids – I came across this non-medical but perfectly accurate term when we were doing IVF and I was partaking of lovely hormonal cocktail each cycle – well actually … Read More

Kathy KrugerAttack of the horrormones

Life is not one giant positive affirmation

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I love a good positive affirmation – don’t get me wrong. I share quotes that inspire all the time, hey I even try to make up my own ‘quotable quotes’ like I’m some sort of philosopher or wise woman. I truly believe that we can manifest good things through our thoughts (or at least forget about the bad stuff for … Read More

Kathy KrugerLife is not one giant positive affirmation

18 years to life

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I’ve come to the point in my life where the length of my marriage could be a prison term for murder. That makes me feel old, and our marriage feel somewhere between a life partnership and a life sentence. It’s all about balance right! One thing I know for sure, there has been a lot of yin and yang, waxing … Read More

Kathy Kruger18 years to life

Yin Yang Yummmmm

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Are you hungry? Because I warn you that most people can’t resist the recipes I’m about to divulge. They should remain secret, in truth, since they are so well-loved. But I’m a sharing, caring kind of gal and this is by popular demand (I think) and certainly the proof is in the eating. Which is yummmmm. The love is in the … Read More

Kathy KrugerYin Yang Yummmmm

Yinyangmother traits (good) not necessarily mine

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Yin and yang can mistakenly be taken to mean bad (that’s supposedly yin) and good (supposedly yang). But in reality there is ‘good’ or ‘positive’ yin and ‘good’ or ‘positive’ yang. And then there are ‘bad’ versions of both. It’s all relative. Actually it’s all about balance and excess. The worst place to be is actually when we allow either … Read More

Kathy KrugerYinyangmother traits (good) not necessarily mine

What if you lived for 1000 years?

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What would you do? Well beside get old, very slowly! Would you worry less about the past (probably) and more about the future (probably)? Would this present moment seem less or more important amidst those million other moments you would experience? Would you still seek to make the most of each minute of every day? Would you finally find time … Read More

Kathy KrugerWhat if you lived for 1000 years?

Feeling fine, whatever the weather

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Where I live it feels like it’s been raining cats and dogs and circus animals for the last month! And we haven’t even copped the worst of it. For those of us in Queensland and New South Wales (Australia) it feels like we’ll never see fine weather again – so how can we feel fine? The grey makes you feel gloomy, the … Read More

Kathy KrugerFeeling fine, whatever the weather

Who are you, in private (and who am I)?

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So I’m reluctant to post this, since you might like to think of me as some kind of enlightened mother. Don’t you? (he, he!) But I will, because I’m increasingly sharing my life with you, peeling open the can of worms inside, exposing the gaping wounds of my imperfections. I don’t know whether you’ve recoiled yet. Anyway, what’s a little … Read More

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Kathy KrugerWho are you, in private (and who am I)?