The winter of our content – your choice

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Not to rub it in or anything, but it’s hard to believe it’s winter right now where I live on the Gold Coast. Sure there have been a few nights where the mercury has dipped and it feels pretty cold (Ok – just because I wrote this last night was bloody freezing, brrrr), but the warmth of sunny days surely … Read More

Kathy KrugerThe winter of our content – your choice

Love, old and new again

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Happy Valentine’s Day. I’m working today, my parents are staying over tonight and preparations are in full swing for Little Yang’s 4th birthday pirate and pool party tomorrow (although he hasn’t been feeling very well, poor mite) – can’t see any chance for romance and I doubt there will be sex. I’m tired. We’re tired. I’d go so far to … Read More

Kathy KrugerLove, old and new again

Counting the days, measuring those moments

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This day last year was as close to perfect as a day can get. It was two days before we were flying home from Canada, at the end of our 12 month exchange. I skied for the first time with my good Canadian friend, and my last time in Canada. The day was happy, gorgeous, brilliant, wonderful, magical – a … Read More

Kathy KrugerCounting the days, measuring those moments

A balanced holiday read

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The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy is not really my idea of balanced reading!! I read the first book because everyone else did, then laboured through the second two like I was wading through treacle, because my sister had given me the collection for my birthday. I can’t say the effort of all that reading has really paid off in … Read More

Kathy KrugerA balanced holiday read

Peace – in the night garden

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night trees

Having a two year old tends to change your television viewing habits. Now I know there are parents who insist (or say they do) that two years olds shouldn’t watch any TV. Really. I’m not that good. But there is an unexpected benefit to watching two year old TV – peace – and not just from the kids – but … Read More

Kathy KrugerPeace – in the night garden

Gratitude – Laughing Buddha loves holidays (who doesn’t!)

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One lucky laughing Buddha got to come along to Brunswick Heads for our annual extended family holiday. The other two got left behind at home, but at least they had each other for company. The holidaying Buddha had lots of laughs and learned a few lessons:

Kathy KrugerGratitude – Laughing Buddha loves holidays (who doesn’t!)

The good the bad (and the ugly) of being a mother

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I’ve been wondering about when people stumble upon this blog whether they presume it’s about the good days (hopefully lots) and the bad days (sometimes too many) of being a mother. They would be right. You take the yin with the yang. I suspect newcomers to this blog could imagine I write (in brief) about my own good points and … Read More

Kathy KrugerThe good the bad (and the ugly) of being a mother

Hit the shuffle button on life!

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Is your IPOD/Phone shuffle playlist trying to tell you something? I’ll start by admitting I’m a sop (regular readers might have guessed this already, duh!). Which means my IPhone playlist of favourite, easy-listening, inspirational tunes is a little, or a lot, embarrassing (and mellow and melancholy). And I really should update it with a few newer songs!  I do have a … Read More

Kathy KrugerHit the shuffle button on life!

Popular – The gift of loss is the joy of gain

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Loss is not as bad as wanting more This quote really got me thinking! Of course loss and gain are part of the natural ebb and flow of life, but it takes quite a step back to think that the worst of life’s losses could be ‘better’ than, well, anything. Yet even Lao Tzu, who wisely doesn’t usually judge things … Read More

Kathy KrugerPopular – The gift of loss is the joy of gain

Happiness vs Contentment?!

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Would you rather be happy or content? Ok – so it’s no contest.  In western culture, contentment feels like settling for second best. Why be content when you could be so much happier, blissful, in ecstasy even! Happiness is something you chase, contentment something you settle for, right? But delve a little deeper, consider an eastern approach (or at least … Read More

Kathy KrugerHappiness vs Contentment?!

Share the love XX

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I’m glad to have had some recent guest posts, so I appreciate if you are stopping by for the first time. It’s great to have you and I hope you like it here! I’ve had two posts on that great community Tiny Buddha – read about making up your mind to go with the flow – lessons I learned from a … Read More

Kathy KrugerShare the love XX

So you want to change the world? Start with yourself:)

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On this 10th anniversary of the 2002 Bail Bombing (12 October) we remember the victims and their families and hope for a more peaceful world. Last week  (2 October) was Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday, celebrated as a national holiday in India and as International Non-Violence Day around the world. Perhaps its a good time to reflect on how we can play our part (however small) in … Read More

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Kathy KrugerSo you want to change the world? Start with yourself:)