Laughing Buddha does Japan

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Have you ever travelled somewhere, got there and realised you forgot something important? Have you then realised that the thing you thought was so important (excluding your passport) wasn’t that vital after all? Travel is great like that for putting things into perspective – for instance my life-saving hair straightener (which I couldn’t use because for some reason the power … Read More

Kathy KrugerLaughing Buddha does Japan

Jump into a new perspective!

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I should start by saying that jumping is done under supervision. At high tide. The drop is less than three metres. No diving is allowed.  As in so much in life, the spectre is far scarier than the reality. And so the kids take their turn.

Kathy KrugerJump into a new perspective!

Gratitude – Laughing Buddha loves holidays (who doesn’t!)

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One lucky laughing Buddha got to come along to Brunswick Heads for our annual extended family holiday. The other two got left behind at home, but at least they had each other for company. The holidaying Buddha had lots of laughs and learned a few lessons:

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Kathy KrugerGratitude – Laughing Buddha loves holidays (who doesn’t!)