Limbo Land

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I’m sure you’ve probably done the limbo dance before, that kids (or often drunken) party game where you try to bend your knees and your body low and backwards to scrape under the limbo pole or broomstick. Progressively the pole is lowered until only the most flexible (and often shortest) partygoers in the limbo line remain, able to backbend and contort … Read More

Kathy KrugerLimbo Land

All fired up (too much yang for my own good, God help others)

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Lately I’ve been all fired up – not about anything or at anyone in particular – just a futile, yet fierce fury at the world (Ok I’m fuming at Mr Yang today and work frustrations have me almost boiling over, but I truly think there’s some cosmic fireworks going on – the last fiery breathe of the Chinese Year of … Read More

Kathy KrugerAll fired up (too much yang for my own good, God help others)

When waiting feels like forever

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(Or I could write a thesis on impatience) Impatience is a topic I could have written a thesis about. If only I’d been patient enough to stick at it! In suffering infertility, I WAITED a very long time (or what felt like an ETERNITY) to fall pregnant. I WAITED in doctor’s surgeries, the scent of ‘horrormones’ hanging in the air, … Read More

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Kathy KrugerWhen waiting feels like forever