Happiness vs Contentment?!

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Would you rather be happy or content? Ok – so it’s no contest.  In western culture, contentment feels like settling for second best. Why be content when you could be so much happier, blissful, in ecstasy even! Happiness is something you chase, contentment something you settle for, right? But delve a little deeper, consider an eastern approach (or at least … Read More

Kathy KrugerHappiness vs Contentment?!

The beauty of impermanence

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Our footprints in life are as evanescent as our footprints in the sand, or in the snow, which makes enjoying the journey all the more important. You really need to seize the moment to leave your mark on a snowy Canadian beach! The yinyang symbol so simply symbolises the impermanence of all things – there is an endless flow between … Read More

Kathy KrugerThe beauty of impermanence

Might as well jump (or handstand, or cartwheel)

Kathy Krugerbalance, happiness, motherhood2 Comments

How often do we jump as adults, or swing, or hang upside down, do a handstand, even cartwheel? So how seldom do we squeal, giddy with excitement, or experience our stomach in our mouth, without fear, just with that funny feeling of butterflies flitting joyfully around our insides? And how rarely do we feel as though we might fly, actually … Read More

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Kathy KrugerMight as well jump (or handstand, or cartwheel)