Love, old and new again

Kathy Krugerhappiness, love4 Comments

Happy Valentine’s Day. I’m working today, my parents are staying over tonight and preparations are in full swing for Little Yang’s 4th birthday pirate and pool party tomorrow (although he hasn’t been feeling very well, poor mite) – can’t see any chance for romance and I doubt there will be sex. I’m tired. We’re tired. I’d go so far to … Read More

Kathy KrugerLove, old and new again

18 years to life

Kathy Krugerbalance, happiness, harmony, love, yinyang13 Comments

I’ve come to the point in my life where the length of my marriage could be a prison term for murder. That makes me feel old, and our marriage feel somewhere between a life partnership and a life sentence. It’s all about balance right! One thing I know for sure, there has been a lot of yin and yang, waxing … Read More

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Kathy Kruger18 years to life