The time of my life

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With mother’s day approaching I’m contemplating a whole weekend with the kids, all to myself. Yeh! squeaks my inner voice. My outer voice will be more likely to yell in frustration at the kids and curse hubby who could have timed his work shifts better and given me the ‘day off’ or at least some quality family time.

Kathy KrugerThe time of my life

Because being a mother is all about the other(s)

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It’s time to bring back balance with some Mmmm… Massage – unwind and relax (with or without Sven) Meditation – quiet time for yourself (YES just you and the universe) Mindfullness – because you truly have time to think Meals – that you don’t cook yourself (preferably at a restaurant) Movies – that aren’t meant for kids Music – that you … Read More

Kathy KrugerBecause being a mother is all about the other(s)

Who are you, in private (and who am I)?

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So I’m reluctant to post this, since you might like to think of me as some kind of enlightened mother. Don’t you? (he, he!) But I will, because I’m increasingly sharing my life with you, peeling open the can of worms inside, exposing the gaping wounds of my imperfections. I don’t know whether you’ve recoiled yet. Anyway, what’s a little … Read More

Kathy KrugerWho are you, in private (and who am I)?

You want too much peace Mum!

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Peace through yoga and sometimes wine

Could there be such a thing? Too much peace! According to Miss Yin, 9, I’m a hog for serenity, a glutton for calm, even if the peace I crave is not exactly the noble end-to-all-wars variety. (of course I do wish for that, but my immediate needs are much closer to home). I’d sell my soul (and throw in the kids) … Read More

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Kathy KrugerYou want too much peace Mum!