The things kids say

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If you want a laugh, it’s really hard to go past your kids (or Emily, who may just be a big kid with big boobs)! As a four year old, Little Yang is a constant source of mirth (and frustration, but that’s not such a funny story – or maybe it is – the other day he went from driving … Read More

Kathy KrugerThe things kids say

When parenting styles don’t match

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I’m here (hiding behind my computer) proudly a ‘mean mum’. I wear this badge as an honour, although at the markets on the weekend there was a mother who loudly (and I mean banshee-style) bailed out her poor 6-7 year old daughter – let me be clear, I’m not mean like that. (or like Cinderella’s mean stepmother, but sometimes I … Read More

Kathy KrugerWhen parenting styles don’t match

Yinyangmother traits (good) not necessarily mine

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Yin and yang can mistakenly be taken to mean bad (that’s supposedly yin) and good (supposedly yang). But in reality there is ‘good’ or ‘positive’ yin and ‘good’ or ‘positive’ yang. And then there are ‘bad’ versions of both. It’s all relative. Actually it’s all about balance and excess. The worst place to be is actually when we allow either … Read More

Kathy KrugerYinyangmother traits (good) not necessarily mine

The good the bad (and the ugly) of being a mother

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I’ve been wondering about when people stumble upon this blog whether they presume it’s about the good days (hopefully lots) and the bad days (sometimes too many) of being a mother. They would be right. You take the yin with the yang. I suspect newcomers to this blog could imagine I write (in brief) about my own good points and … Read More

Kathy KrugerThe good the bad (and the ugly) of being a mother

Gratitude – lessons from a great-grandmother

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How would you feel if you were 73 and had spent the last three years parenting  four (yes four) great-grandchildren (I did say great-grandchildren), now aged from 3-8 years old.  Tired of course, but also grateful it turns out. On Saturday I met a lady who does just that, and she made me feel very grateful indeed.

Kathy KrugerGratitude – lessons from a great-grandmother

Balance at someone else’s level

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Lately my two and a half year old has been responding really well when I get down on his level. I say down, because of course he’s a toddler, so he’s only three foot tall!  I get off my ‘high horse’ (or mother superior’s position) and communicate – and it seems to work.

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Kathy KrugerBalance at someone else’s level