Be the ‘you’ in your photographs

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You know smiling, happy, presentable (well mostly). From posed portraits that portray you at your best (supposedly), to glamour photos that make you look even better (I’ve never actually had a true glam shot, but I hope I’d look better). Then there are family photos that freeze rich and rare memories for posterity, holiday images that transform you back in … Read More

Kathy KrugerBe the ‘you’ in your photographs

Balance in pictures

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By Kathy Kruger My blog posts are often around a thousand words, and you know the saying about a picture… I like to try to inspire you to think about balance in different ways, through a yin yang approach, and how it plays out in daily life, and sometimes photos illustrate this so perfectly. I love this picture, snapped two years ago while we were … Read More

Kathy KrugerBalance in pictures

Just love – you don’t need proof

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There is only one photo! Well, there are two, but they are the same photo, basically, just taken from a slightly different angle, snapped seconds apart….it doesn’t count. I will call it one photograph, as though the two images could merge into one, seamlessly, and no one would ever see the difference. See what I mean? There’s another photo, of … Read More

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Kathy KrugerJust love – you don’t need proof