It’s OK to grow slow

Kathy Krugerchange, fear, yinyang17 Comments

Spring – the season for growth. Green shoots and blossoming flowers and fresh perfume in the air. It sort of smells like a positive affirmation (I imagine). In reality, a lot of sun (yang) and water (yin) are required along with a positive attitude in order to flourish. I start this, my first post of Spring, and the page is … Read More

Kathy KrugerIt’s OK to grow slow

Tips from a tree – just grow

Kathy Krugerbalance, contentment27 Comments

Do you have a favourite tree? Perhaps one you climbed as a kid, perched high on its branches or secreted away in some hidey hole formed in knotted twists of roots and limbs. Maybe a big, beautiful shady tree that you sat under and tasted a first kiss (probably too clichéd). Perhaps a palm tree that framed a sunny water vista … Read More

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Kathy KrugerTips from a tree – just grow