It’s OK to grow slow

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Spring – the season for growth. Green shoots and blossoming flowers and fresh perfume in the air. It sort of smells like a positive affirmation (I imagine). In reality, a lot of sun (yang) and water (yin) are required along with a positive attitude in order to flourish. I start this, my first post of Spring, and the page is … Read More

Kathy KrugerIt’s OK to grow slow

Out of step with spring

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Not a spring in my step, but a feeling of being weighed down by winter. Something cold and leaden in my heart. The chill of August westerlies that blew through so quickly this year has settled in my soul, despite the early start to spring here on the beautiful Gold Coast with a run of sunny skies and warmer weather … Read More

Kathy KrugerOut of step with spring

Change, like love, is in the air

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The start of Spring, getting ready for Fall. The season of change.

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Kathy KrugerChange, like love, is in the air