Life is your command performance

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If all the world was a stage what would be your command performance? – comedy, tragedy, drama with a bit of both, dance spectacle (all high-energy movement), ballet (all grace), musical (all song and theatrics), opera (all high-pitched drama), orchestral recital (all harmony) or perhaps an ice spectacular? In the case of Disney on Ice, the stage is an ice … Read More

Kathy KrugerLife is your command performance

Not perfect, but perfectly wonderful

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Merry Christmas from the Krugers

I nearly ran out of time to write this post in the Christmas rush to get things right, but if we can’t make time to count our blessings at Christmas…trouble is we want things to be ‘perfect’ at this time of year and nothing ever is. Doesn’t mean it can’t be perfectly wonderful. Case in point – all precipitation is … Read More

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Kathy KrugerNot perfect, but perfectly wonderful