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EW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 02: Virgin Atlantic Airways and Virgin Group founder, Sir Richard Branson bring Business Speed Dating to Wall Street on October 2, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by Craig Barritt/WireImage)

I’ve been thinking lately how easy it is to dream big, yet still play small.

And I’ve decided I’m not going to do that anymore.

And it’s all thanks to Richard Branson. Not a particularly inspirational quote from the Virgin boss, entrepreneur and philanthropist (although there are plenty), but something he did – and I don’t mean his latest adventure.

You see I woke up Sunday morning and had to rub the sleep out of my eyes when I read the notification on my phone – he, the great Richard Branson, Sir and all, had started following me on Twitter.

I was so stunned I missed taking a screenshot of the notification on my phone, but here is the email from Twitter letting me know about my famous follower.

I know - I'm shocked! Notice how it asks me to follow him (opps).

I know – I’m shocked! Notice how it asks me to follow him (opps).

You may notice the rather embarrassing bit (that follow button) – you see I don’t do Twitter much and I wasn’t even following him – am now!

It’s too cool for school right – all my Facebook ‘fans’ and friends seemed to think so and I milked my brush with fame for all it was worth in my Smallville social media land (60+ likes and counting and assorted ‘cool’ and ‘awesome’ comments – I know, superstar status)! Which probably means most of you reading this have already seen me boasting and here I am bragging again – old news, move on!

(On that note if you’re not hanging with the cool kids on my little Facebook community, well then you’re not in good company with RB and I – you know hanging out on Twitter @ yinyangmother).

I have noooo idea how old mate Dicko (he is a Richard) happened to follow little old me (incidentally he has 6.48 million Twitter followers and only follows 3,845 accounts). But now I’m not without peer (get it, he’s a Knight)!

It is likely it might just have been one of his minions who clicked ‘follow’. A mistake maybe?

I did write this touching article on travelling the soul journey for the Virgin Australia competition at Problogger, but then literally hundreds of bloggers wrote posts, and I wasn’t as clever or funny as my mate Aleney over at Boy Eats World who made the finalists with her hilarious entry (opps, name-dropping again).

So it’s a mystery – but a pretty cool one, don’t you think?

And I’m left thinking that if Richard Branson really does hang on my every tweet (ha, ha) then I can’t play small any longer, and I should start taking some of his advice.

Meanwhile like many I was saddened to here the news of the death of another great man – Dr Wayne Dyer was a spiritual visionary (and author of over 40 books including 20 New York Times best-sellers). A book he wrote on finding balance sits by my bedside and I love his exploration of Lao Tzu and Taoism.

May his legacy live on in his words and deeds. RIP.

Right, enough with the inspiration – time to start acting a little less small. Who knows I could be heading off into space like my famous follower?  So should I tweet RB back and thank him (dorky?) Should I just forget this brief brush with fame and get on with my life? Should I expect miracles like Wayne Dyer did? And tell me about your best brushes with fame. Linking up with Essentially Jess for IBOT and joining in the Weekend Rewind with Sonia, Kelly and Bron.

Kathy X 

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Kathy KrugerThanks Sir Richard Branson

23 Comments on “Thanks Sir Richard Branson”

  1. Min (@riteofthemiddle)

    OMG I think I would get stage fright if Richard Branson followed me! I actually recently followed him on Twitter. He hasn’t followed me back yet but he has to pace himself…right? I adored Dr Wayne Dyer and am so sad about his passing too. Such a great man! I do tend to think small. Thinking big does not come naturally to me but I know I should try much harder!

  2. hugzillablog

    I saw your post about that and had a giggle. My very FIRST follower on Twitter was feminist author Naomi Wolf, and a hero of mine since I was 16. I signed up for Twitter and followed a few famous people (her included). When I logged back on a few weeks later I noticed she was my ONE follower and I almost died. LOL. And RIP to Dr Wayne Dyer – a MASSIVE influence on me, and his teachings changed my life when I was in my 20’s. Such an amazing spirit.

  3. Pinky Poinker

    It’s very damn cool that RB followed you. I can’t THINK why he didn’t follow me after my brilliant post on travelling with your wife… LOL. Obviously RB has excellent taste x

  4. Renee Wilson

    Ahh what to do! What to do! I guess you’ve got nothing to lose. Thank him for the like and see what happens 🙂 It really could be from your post, you never know. I wonder which celebrity will jump on board next? 🙂

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