The bright side of a ‘bad’ blog

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We’ve all known a Negative Nancy or in my case a pessimistic pain in the butt, a guy I used to work with who tried to make everyone’s life miserable, because he made a misery of his.

You’d look up on a blue-sky day and this guy would find the showers forecast for next week and complain about them. There was never a brighter future, a better moment to look forward to – which was pretty bad considering the present always sucked too, in his opinion. Only in the past was there some glimmer of good – but for him it illuminated the crappiness of the now and its inevitability in the future. What a horrible way to live!

You’ve probably also known Pollyanna types (how I loved her story as an ‘overly’ optimistic child – or is even it possible to be too optimistic as a child?). She could find good in any situation and it seemed to me that it was the only way to live!

But life does its best to dissuade such naïve views, and I became jaded with the best of us (while still leaning towards optimism). Balance simply felt more real, and such unbridled optimism simply felt childish.

Then there’s the hyperbole of those always-positive self-helpers – get rich, meet the man of your dreams, enjoy perfect health, live the life you choose – to me it seems too shallow, schmaltzy. Could too much ‘positivity’ really be a bad thing? Could it actually make us feel miserable when things don’t turn out quite as positively as we’ve been promised? Is too much wishful thinking simply wishful thinking?

When we affirm our lives and look for the positives, there has to be a balance point where we also acknowledge our losses and live with (and through) the things we can’t change right now. I call this the point of acceptance of reality. This is the only real starting point for affirming a positive life.

From there we flow towards the future, with gratitude, then purpose, then confidence, then ‘success’ (even if sometimes we find ourselves floundering in the eddy of failure, at a new point of acceptance of reality.)

And so I wrote a post a little while ago – Life is not one giant positive affirmation.

Since then I’ve been working on what I call yin yang affirmations (of course). I’m putting a collection together, many with photos, into a little e-book and video I’m creating as a gift to subscribers to mark by upcoming one-year blog anniversary.

(It’s been almost a year, and my blog traffic seems to be flat-lining, however I can affirm that ‘It sucks that my blog traffic is flat now, but that leaves plenty of room for growth.’)


The size of my blog in cyberspace (like a star as seen from earth)

The size of my blog in cyberspace (like a star as seen from earth)

A yinyang affirmation generally starts with an acknowledgement of the present, ‘good’ or ‘bad’ (or at least your feeling that exists in the now, but may change with your mood or circumstances) and then moves through to a point of change in the situation (or at least your feelings about it).

If the situation you are in is one of joy and fulfilment, then a yinyang affirmation can remind you to preserve this wonderful feeling to draw strength from in difficult circumstances.

Yinyang affirmations can come with ‘buts, ‘even thoughs’, ‘so thats’ and ‘becauses’ – in other words positive statements can come with provisos. It is up to you to see the two parts to the proposition and to recognize the change that is needed.

It’s great, and certainly positive, to express a vision such as:  ‘I enjoy perfect health’, however it may assist to affirm your path towards that state, for example ‘I recognize that healing takes time, but I am gaining in strength each day to enjoy great health’, OR, ‘I acknowledge that old habits hold me back, but I see myself with new healthy habits’, OR, ‘Changing my habits is difficult now, even though I know great health will be my reward.’

In short, yinyang affirmations can help you balance out how you are feeling with how you would prefer to feel.

They can help you balance out ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ and understand that life is about finding contentment and gratitude (regardless) as you move forward positively.

Here are few of my favourites:

I can't help but give into the fear_edited-1

I feel like my butt looks huge in this_edited-2

I trust the tide will come in especially when it is out small

As I see it, A yin yang thinker sees the positive and the negative and the balance in between and so makes the most of every situation.

I hope you enjoy my yin yang affirmations and are inspired to craft your own – I reckon individual affirmations always work best.

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And speaking of celebrations, the lovely Deb from Home Life Simplified is celebrating her second blog anniversary, and she has really achieved so much with the launch of her new book. And she has a give-away thanks to the gorgeous Lisa from Random Acts of Zen and Zen Designs who helped me celebrate my 100th post recently.

The best part of being a star, however small, in the blogging universe is being part of a constellation that shines bright in the sky (no affiliate sales here, just cosmic connections).

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Kathy KrugerThe bright side of a ‘bad’ blog

21 Comments on “The bright side of a ‘bad’ blog”

  1. Me

    What a great take on affirmations – I’ve never thought of them that way but I can see how balanced they are when you look at them like that.
    I’m not sure that I agree with your title – no matter how you look at your blog – it’s definitely not a ‘bad’ blog – it is always thought provoking and inspiring and makes me look at things just a little differently.
    Have the best day !

    1. yinyangmother

      sorry it has taken a while to reply. I had a wonderful night’s sleep after the reflexology – thank you again. I know my blog isn’t ‘bad’, but I also would like to reach more people so I need to focus on that. Thanks for your support.

  2. Lizzy Allan

    Hi Kathy, just wanted to say that I really like this post. I love the concept of ‘yingyan’ affirmations; it offers such a calming perspective on the problems, both big and small, that we face in our lives. I also like the quotes you included. They made me think of one of my own favourite quotes which, when I think about it, connects so well with the yingyan symbol itself … “Where there is no shadow, there is no light”. Have a beautiful week! lizzy 🙂

    1. yinyangmother

      Thanks Lizzy – glad the yinyang thinking resonates with you. I think our western philosophy is often too black and white, while the eastern philosophy is more about how dark complements light and accepting the nature of change. I’ll pop over and visit your blog too.

  3. redlandcitygirl

    It’s all about BALANCE, one of my absolute favourite words, and mottoes in life. I also love this sentence: The best part of being a star, however small, in the blogging universe is being part of a constellation that shines bright in the sky (no affiliate sales here, just cosmic connections).

    #TeamIBOT was here!

  4. Caz @ Home Heart Haven

    Hi Kathy. I found you via Deb @ Home Life SImplified. I could never really get into affirmations as they just didn’t ring true. what you’ve written makes so much sense! Looking forward to reading more of your work 🙂

    1. yinyangmother

      Hi Caz – nice to connect and I will go and check out your blog too. I’m with you in feeling that sometimes affirmations feel too false but if we do the reality check and the positive thinking in one then I think we have a way of affirming where we want to be that is grounded in what we need to do to get there…if that makes sense.

  5. NewLifeOnTheRoad (@NewLifeOnRoad)

    I think that life sometimes gives us “Tests” to see if we are really on the “Right Pathway” and to ask if we really do want what we are going after 🙂
    And sometimes I am down, sometimes I am up – and sometimes I am in Between….but its listening to my inner voice and trusting that all will be OK is what makes me get through each experience.
    So sometimes I am a Glass is Half Full Type
    or sometimes I am a Glass is Half Empty Type
    ….its what I make of my situation that will make me a better person 🙂

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