The Easter hunt – are you looking in the right places?

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So the cousins and the other cousins had a great Easter egg hunt. It was part of a simply great Easter.

Let me tell you why it was so good, and why it wasn’t so much about what we hunted for but about what we found – simply by being in the right place.

The cousins, our two (11 & 5), my sister’s two (13 & 11) and my brother’s boy (9), plus two cousins of my sister’s two (twins, 11) all joined in the egg hunt. Even though only our youngest is still a believer – there was chocolate at stake! (split evenly in the interests of fairness).

The great hunt was held at my brother in-law’s parent’s property as we celebrated Easter Sunday with thrilling tube rides on the dam, paddle boating and paddle boarding, daring on the flying fox and a simple sausage sizzle. And the egg hunt of course. It was as good as Easter gets.

Seriously. Here’s a #inthepicture (thanks Bron, Maxabella Loves).

at the dam 1

It was simply special. Just family. Just fun. The kids would have traded all the Cadbury in the world for the time, the experience, the thrills, the togetherness.

Later we returned to my sister’s house for a swim in the pool, quad bike rides and exploring the watercourse at the bottom of their acreage property – just kids, dogs, sunshine (and wasn’t it supposed to rain?). And drinks and nibbles on the deck as the sun sank low over western mountains and you had to wonder whether even such a perfect sunset could really cap such a perfect day.

Of course dinner and drinks went on (well) into the night and somewhere along the way the kids found old matey.

You know how rare it is to find a green frog these days (well it certainly feels like it)! Talk about a treasured find without even looking. He simply popped up in the garden – a marker of all that is good in the world I reckon.


That’s the thing about searching – sometimes it is really more about the surrendering than the seeking, more about chance encounters than hunting victories. Serendipity delivers up amazing things when you least expect it (and precisely because you least expect it).

You can believe in a fabled bunny and hope to magically find eggs in the garden – or not be a bunny and just expect to find the eggs left by the person whom you expected to leave them (not quite as much fun). Same eggs, but not the same feeling.

You can put yourself in the right place to find what you need – the present – or get distracted in the ‘wrong’ places (hello social media, TV).  I pretty much stayed screen-free over the weekend.

Of course sometimes you can be in the right place (like back home Easter Monday afternoon) and it be the wrong time – sadly no crabs in our pots when we arrived home. But we did have no time like the present to enjoy some fresh prawns and a drink or two with my mother-in-law to finish off a fantastic Easter weekend.

Linking up with Essentially Jess for IBOT. Hope you had a good Easter. How long since you’ve seen a green frog or flown through the air on a flying fox?

Kathy X 

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Kathy KrugerThe Easter hunt – are you looking in the right places?

16 Comments on “The Easter hunt – are you looking in the right places?”

    1. Kathy Kruger

      We did pack a lot in Michelle – so lucky the cousins live in the country – we get the coast experience at our place (and we’re on a lake as well so we can fish/crab) but the dam experience was pretty special.

  1. Deborah

    Oh, what a lovely time you had! I have fond memories of time with my cousins when young. And you’re right.. time with family always outweighs chocolate. Although…. 🙂

  2. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    Looks magical Kathy, we found a green tree frog at my parent’s farm but a lack of water, to make our hands not burn it, meant I forbid the kids from picking it up, they were gutted. Still nice to see though. I had a nice break also, but now the kids are cranky!

  3. EssentiallyJess

    We used to have heaps of green tree frogs in our garden in Darwin. The things bred during the wet season, and they were everywhere!
    Haven’t seen one since moving south though. It’s a little bit sad really.

    1. Kathy Kruger

      That is a bit sad Jess. Obviously they thrive in the tropics, but even in the sub-tropics here they don’t seem to be around much (at least I don’t see them).

  4. mummywifeme

    We found a teeny tiny green frog in one of the fruit trees we bought recently. It was no bigger than my fingernail and the kids thought it was amazing. It looks as though you had an absolutely amazing weekend. I agree – some of the greatest things in life happen when you least expect it!

  5. Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid

    Looks like everyone had an eggcellent Easter – that’s the stuff memories are made of, green frogs and all!

  6. Tash @ Gift Grapevine

    What great pics – how lovely to have your family together (and what a sunset!). Easter and other holidays have always been about family for me too. Sure, the tornadoes love the chocolate and gifts but they get more of a kick out of playing with their cousins. I went computer/social media free over Easter and it was so good to switch off. I’m sure the crabs were just on holiday too and I hope they return to their pots for you soon 🙂

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