The terror of public speaking about something you know little about

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There’s only one thing worse than public speaking right – not really feeling like you have much to say.

Today I get to speak to a room full of digital native university students who are 20 (ahem perhaps 25) years younger than me AND who are studying social media.


I’m talking to them about blogging, a subject about which I’m clearly no expert (thankfully I can draw on the experts at Problogger and their great tips – hopefully that will salvage it).

I’m not touching social media with a barge pole (although of course blogging pretty much always involves social media, so that’s going to be a bit hard).

I only got asked to speak late last week (suspect I was a last-minute substitute) and then had a blissful weekend with friends from Canada staying with us – a few (too many) wines Saturday night, Sunday beach, brunch and Blues of Broadbeach, fishing and paddling on the lake, BBQ and a couple more wines. The sort of weekend when you are reminded that:



But I digress.

Basically I’m not that prepared as a result of said blissful weekend and, well, really not having that much to say.

I’m going to start with this. At least I was quite good at public speaking back when my audience today were likely still in (or barely out of) nappies!

If the old news-reading shots don’t get a laugh, then I’m stuffed.

I may even play them this video to prove that I could speak back then.

Then I’ll proceed to give them a brief rundown of how my career pretty much went downhill from there (well along a bumpy, up and down road anyway) and how I’m now blogging as a hobby and not making a brass razoo out of it (although they won’t know what a brass razoo is, will they? What is it BTW?)

But change is good – at least that’s what I write on my blog.

I’ll talk about blogging for love, and finding your voice and give a couple of examples of peers who I reckon are rockin’ it – Have a laugh on me and Always Josefa, along with a couple of examples from the big end of blogging town – Ytravel Blog and The Organised Housewife, and then some blog stars from the US.

My claim to fame is that I’ve had 6 posts published on Tiny Buddha (a huge US multi-contributor site) and that when you Google ‘Kid’s Meditation video’, one of my little videos may actually pop up in first place.

childrens meditation video_edited-1

I’ll bang on about blogging because you love it – because that has to be the starting point right, and how great it is to be part of a blogging community (because it is) and how important it is to serve your readers.

I’ll give them a couple of little tips from Problogger like updating your FB cover page and profile pic often (whoops haven’t been doing that) and making sure you register for Google authorship (which is a great tip).

And I’ll give them some of the big lessons I learned from people who do know a bit about blogging and are making more than a brass razoo out of it – because money is rather nice after all.

I’ll also give them a couple of examples of business content marketing (because I’m working on content marketing in my current day-job).

And then I’ll shut up.

Wish me luck!

When was the last time you had to speak in public? How prepared were you?

How do you manage your fears?

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Kathy KrugerThe terror of public speaking about something you know little about

15 Comments on “The terror of public speaking about something you know little about”

  1. Emma Fahy Davis

    Wow, I never knew you were a TV presenter! *That* is intimidating – I’ve done the odd live radio and TV segment over the years and it’s always nerve-wracking! I hope today went well for you – I’m certain you’ll have been fantastic!

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thanks Emma – it went well and I think it helped that I harked (way) back to my newsreading days and reminded myself and the students that maybe I had something worthwhile saying.

  2. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    I really really REALLY loved seeing all those news clips, hair styles and your oh so perfect TV news voice and articulation! I love your blog, your insights and how you have embraced the changes in your life. I do freak out a bit when I have to public speak and get the shakes! Thank you so much for the kinds words. And you don’t need luck, you’ve done it before and can smash it again (imagine they are in undies and black socks) xx

    1. Kathy Kruger

      I figure get the embarrassment out of the way first and everything after that is easy. It all went well. Much easier than presenting to City Councillors.

  3. Eva @ The Multitasking Mummy

    You will do just fine! I was a social media coach and one thing I always had to remind myself is that I never knew everything and that social media changed daily, so no one, not even the experts are really ‘experts’ at it! I used to work at a university and managed the employment & careers department for the international students, upon taking that job I hadn’t done any public speaking and then was thrown right into it where I had to give 3 hour long lecture style sessions on working in Australia, writing resumes and cover letters and interviewing skills. I have never been so nervous in my life, but after a lot of practice and realising they were actually there to learn from me, it all became much easier.

    1. Kathy Kruger

      I can only imagine Eva – social media moves faster than most anything. I remember last year Amy Porterfield telling Problogger about FB and how about 16% of followers would see your post in a newsfeed – now it is down to 5-10%. Well done on the lecture experience and confidence – I’m sure you are the ultimate professional.


    You’ll be fabulous because you’ll be speaking from the heart about blogging because you love it… and because you’re blog is amazing. One of my faves. x

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thanks Aleny – lovely of you to say that. The talk went well – some of the students might not have even checked their phones once during my presentation! But seriously, I have to remember that I can speak well when I am passionate (if not as knowledgeable as others) about the topic.

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