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I tried so very hard to forget the above hairstyle!

I almost forgot that I was someone before I was a Mum. I spent so long trying to be a Mum.

When I was trying to be a Mum, I almost forgot that I was still someone.

I made my identity out of being an infertile woman. That sucked!

I tried to forget so much during that period so that it is a blur now. A shame, because good things must have happened too.

I almost forgot that I used to present the local news (with terrible hair styles that believe me beg to be forgotten) – I almost forgot that I used to be a serious journalist, covering crime and court room dramas, politics and pressing issues.

Change my hair! prime boofy hair and scarf_edited-1

OMG – the worst look ever

I almost forgot some of the people I got to meet – inspiring, amazing people (not politicians, or criminals or lawyers). How could I forget these wonderful people?

A bit better

A bit better

I’ve interviewed three Prime Ministers (well at press conferences), Russell Crowe in the days before he was really famous (but not before he was really arrogant), the Wiggles, Olympians, charity workers, cancer survivors, rescue heroes, people with nothing who appreciate what they have.

Live firing exercise

Live firing exercise – yep another good look!

I’ve been on a live firing exercise with the army, flown in gliders, helicopters (including a Blackhawk), ultra-lights and even a hot air balloon (I’m not scared of flying). I’ve seen what little is left of a F18 fighter jet and its two crew when it crashes.

I’ve cried.

I almost forgot the laughs, and there were many, along the way. More than tears.

Change my hair! short hair red

Ok – so this is just a very bad freeze frame! You are welcome to laugh.

I almost forgot childhood innocence, knocked out of me by the hardness of the world.

My kids reminded me.


I almost forgot that I wrote a poem on Freedom that was published in the national Girl Guides magazine when I was about this age (this is my confirmation)

I almost forgot that I wrote a poem on Freedom that was published in the national Girl Guides magazine when I was about this age (this is my Confirmation) – can you believe how daggy I was!


I almost forgot that I used to be a successful manager leader, someone who instilled confidence in people, who brought out their best because it was what I wanted to see.

Time, circumstances and corporate/government bullshit almost stole those memories from me. But they linger somewhere in my knowing.

I almost forgot that we built our first house – that I held these huge timber bearers in place as we constructed the foundations for our floor. I’ve tried to forget that we almost got divorced before getting married when it came time to install the kitchen. We’ve clocked up ’18 years to life’.

Building our first house

Building our first house – this is not just for show!

I almost forgot that we completely renovated our second house – new walls and windows, tiling and painting, major extensions, landscaping, decking and design. I’ve tried to forget all the rubbish we had to remove from the site – about eight big skips worth – all the hard work, oh and the plastering – I never, ever want to do plastering again.

I almost forgot that I used to feel that anything was possible – I’ve even forgotten when I started to see difficulty in place of possibility, pain instead of promise.

I almost forgot my strength in overcoming difficulties, in seeing possibilities. I almost forgot that the promise of gain is always inherent in pain.

I’m remembering, reminding myself of all that I’ve been, all that I’ve survived and imagining all that I can be.

Don’t let your memories be buried under pain, your achievements clouded by your ‘failures’. And don’t forget to laugh (or cry) about how you used to look!

What have you almost forgotten about yourself that you need reminding about? What vintage looks of yourself are you just lovin? Feel free to share the evidence.

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Kathy KrugerPopular – Things I almost forgot

63 Comments on “Popular – Things I almost forgot”

  1. Bec @ The Plumbette

    Kathy this is a really inspiring post and I’ve learned so much more about you. Sometimes we can get weighed down by things we haven’t been able to achieve or things that we have but have taken a lot of priority in life. I think I forget my achievements sometimes and I think they are good to remember because it helps when I am trying to achieve another goal and I get disheartened that it’s not coming together like it should. I actually thought the first photo was of Kylie Minogue!!

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thank you and sorry for the delay in responding. I agree with you that when we honestly reflect on what we’ve achieved it can be great fuel to realise we can reach new goals, so happy remembering. Kyle and I are the same age, although I think she may have aged better than me!

  2. always josefa (@always_josefa)

    Gosh I loved this post Kathy! I did not know you were a news reader! Oh my gosh, that is incredible. I love your line “I started to see difficulty in place of possibility, pain instead of promise” that really resonates with me right now. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and inspiring post. Josefa from #teamIBOT

  3. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    What a fantastic post, I can feel your strength and passion in your self coming back and growing. You are all of the above and so much more, life can kick us around but it can’t who we are and what we have done. I am woman hear me roar!!!!!!!!!!! xxx (ps. LOVE the hairstyles, gave me a week chuckle)

  4. SarahD Nolan

    Really love this, wow what a life you have lived very wonderful even through the hard bits you have shone. There is so much I have forgotten about myself that I am rediscovering through blogging. Isn’t crazy when you look back at yourself and think I was not all that bad you just did not realise it at the time! Thanks for the memories

  5. Lisa aka Lybliss

    OMG what an awesome post ! I did laugh out loud at the freeze-frame (and still chuckling) I’ve forgotten what it feels like to have no-one to please but myself, to have no responsibilities other than my own. I also forgot that I wore a very similar hand knitted vest for my confirmation.. very attractive.

  6. Eleise

    Awww, I feel like I am just getting to know you! What an awesome you had!! I also look back sometimes and miss my old life, the one where I was someone not just a mum. But I wouldn’t change it for the world, I am someone to my kids and that is the best thing ever!

  7. lisa

    What an interesting life you have led! That is a bummer about Russell Crowe being arrogant. Love your hair styles over the years. Do you miss the media work? I agree that as bloggers we are trying to get our mojo and find our identity apart from being a mum.

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Hi Lisa – It has been an interesting ride – I don’t think Russell Crowe was all that interested in being interviewed by little old (well I was young then) me for the Gold Coast new – maybe the horrible hairstyles put him off. I agree on the benefits of blogging.

  8. Lizzy - Muddle-Headed Mamma

    Oh my goodness, what an amazing life you have had (and an amazing variety of hairstyles!) I feel very boring in comparison! You are going to have so many incredible stories to tell your kids when they’re older. Thanks so much for sharing this.

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Hi Lizzy – thanks – funny thing is I didn’t save much of newsreading or stories on my show reel (which is hardly a show reel these days, unless I want to bring on the laughs).

  9. Me

    I’m missing the healthy and fit me that I used to be but I am working on getting her back !
    WOW – I think I learned more about you in this post than everything I already knew about you – you certainly have had some amazing jobs and done some fantastic things. Good on you !
    Have the best day and an even better week !

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Hi Linda – when I started writing this post it really just flowed and I guess it became a bit of a 10 things you didn’t know about me. Enjoying getting to know you too.

  10. EssentiallyJess

    Wow I never knew you had accomplished so much! There’s some pretty amazing achievements recorded there.
    Love that you have learnt that pain always brings the promise of gain. Such an incredibly valid life lesson.
    Loved getting to know you more. xx

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thanks Jess – it has been an interesting ride to date and I think you need the different experiences, good and bad, achievements and ‘failures’ to learn the best lessons.

  11. Zanni Arnot

    Oh Kathy, this is a very very moving post. All those parts of you are still there. I don’t think about my past much, as I am very much in the moment. Who I was THEN doesn’t have much relevance to me, but all those parts helped me be who I am. I love that you had such an interesting life before (and while) being a mum. xx

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thanks Zanni – I guess I’m getting old (he, he) and have more past to reflect upon and I do like to think of how it all comes together to shape who I am now – the good and the bad.

  12. mummywifeme

    Kathy, thank you so much for this trip down memory lane. You never cease to amaze me. There is so much depth to your character. It is easy to forget who you were before kids. I used to be speeding up the corporate ladder before kids and now I’m barely keeping afloat. I used to think anything was possible too and want to feel that way again 🙂 xxxxx

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Hi Renee – it is so easy to forget and I think as far as the whole corporate thing is concerned it is good to remember successes but realise that priorities have changed and be OK with that. Staying afloat is a pretty great achievement I reckon.

  13. Rachel Wernicke (@RedcliffeStyle)

    This is a wonderful thought provoking post. I don’t like looking back at what I might have forgotten because I’m scared I’ll see that I didn’t forget anything because I haven’t done a lot. You have such amazing things to look back on. I hope you do a part 2. Rachel x

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thanks Rachel – I guess it helped looking back that I’ve been around a while and had so many ‘interesting’ hairstyles to draw upon, he, he. I really feel I’ve done a lot but that its been a bit hodge podge and out of my control – I’m working on being more true to my passions and purpose now.

  14. Toni @ Finding Myself Young

    I can relate to defining yourself as an infertile woman and yes it sucks. I can also relate to forgetting im still me now that I’m a mum. I guess this is one of the reasons I blog. I want to keep those memories long after my mind has forgotten them.

    1. Kathy Kruger

      HI Toni – sorry we shared that infertility experience – it has given me a lot of strength though – I’m sure it has for you too, and blogging for me is a way of holding on to memories, reflecting on lessons and hopefully moving forward positively.

  15. Neets

    Great post Kathy. Wow! You were a news reader? That’s cool. My life seems boring compared to yours. Oh I miss getting my six weekly spiral perm in the 80’s ensuring that my fringe was left straight (for maximum teezing)

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thanks Neets – believe it or not that was actually my natural curl when I was about 19, so would have been late eighties. As I got older the curl dropped out but I now employ a hair straightener as my life-saver. I was lucky to have some interesting experiences through journalism and I’m enjoying rediscovering the love of writing through blogging.

  16. Leanne Winter

    Kathy, all those photos are just gorgeous (I had hair in the 80’s just like that first one). And you are a total stunner in all of them. Thanks for a really inspiring post, I definitely needed this today x

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thanks Leanne – I reckon we were ripped off being ‘young and beautiful’ in an era when the hair and fashion was so bad. Glad the trip down memory lane helped pick you up.

  17. Serenely

    This is so interesting. I didn’t know that about your background. So it’s insightful to learn a bit more about your history. And really, the photos don’t look that bad! ^_^

  18. Jody at Six Little Hearts

    Why is it we forget so much? Is it parenthood? I have been thinking on my life lately too and trying to remember my achievements prior to the business of parenthood.
    Great hairstyles! Perhaps I have mentally blocked out my past because there’s just too much bad hair and makeup in it!

  19. Becci Birdy Num Num

    I’ve forgotten so much more than I remember. In some ways that’s not a bad thing. I’m more than impressed with your memories though, even if you did have the same perm as I had in ’82.

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Hi Becci – the 80’s were such a tragic time weren’t they – I feel ripped off being a teenager in the 80’s – we lucked out in the fashion stakes.

  20. Marie Colantoni Pechet

    Loved this post in so many ways. Loved learning about you. Love how it drew me in. Love how it flowed. Love how it leaves me feeling. and I totally love how it grows in the way it touched my heart – a little at a time, then into my heart, then expanding it to enable me to look at my own life in a new way at this very special time of year. Beautiful. Thank you.

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  23. Deborah

    Oh great post Kathy. On top of the self pity stuff I just wrote about I guess I’m also struggling on the ‘identity’ front as I’ve always been defined by my profession in the past. (Something I note many of my friends with families struggle with less).

  24. The Jolly Runner

    This is lovely Kathy. A great reminder after “one of those days” that there is beauty in the world. And you have accomplished so much!! (My great achievement to date: I programmed my thermy.) I have picked up a running injury, largely due to lack of stretching, so I know I need to investigate yoga… 🙂

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thank you. This is an older post but is a good reflection about the things we tend to forget when we talk ourselves down. There are some specific postures that help runners and yoga can be very restorative from a range of injuries. I encourage you to investigate more – yin yoga is about opening up through the fascia and connective tissues wrapping around our joints and when you get freedom and a sense of lengthening and openness it really does feel good – not sure if it helps you run but it can’t hurt.

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thanks Ashlea – the newsreader days are long gone, but the renos continue (not as fast as I would like but there’s the small matter of spare cash)! I am still working as a journo (or at least partly, also doing digital strategy). Thanks for visiting.

  25. moniquetheurbanmum

    It is sometimes the ‘little’ moments that give you cause to remember back when…I have been watching the ‘Molly’ series with my teenage son – I was an ’80’s music encyclopaedia – ran a music store as a part time job and LOVED Countdown. Fabulous to reminisce those times with my son, who can now glimpse the ‘me’ before I was just ‘Mum’.x Fabulous post thank you ..

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