Time for a cold shower – what do you REALLY want?

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So I’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of people (well a fair few) who find me here at yinyangmother do so completely by accident when looking for someone (or something) entirely different.

Mostly they come here when looking for a woman in the shower (not me, I’m fairly sure they wouldn’t be thrilled to see me in the shower). This is all down to this post I wrote.

I could have come to this conclusion a long time ago, had I really studied my google analytics, or actually admitted what they reveal. But unlike Emily from Have a Laugh on me, who happily chuckles at the search terms used to find her site (think hot naked man and chocolate pool) I preferred to live in happy oblivion, than get the joke that’s on me.

When you just focus on unique visits and page views you can take pride when stats start to climb (or in my case, ebb and flow – very yin yang like).

Thankfully there is a slow and arduous mountain climb in the right direction, but with a river of random visitors running out to sea, gone, never to be seen again.

She (that would be me) who believes in serendipity might like to kid herself that the random punters who find me (or my site) are not in fact random but that, as the Chinese proverb goes:

There is an invisible red thread that connects those who are destined to meet across time, space and circumstance. The thread may stretch and tangle, but will never break’. 

Sadly the thread breaks with a click of the mouse all the time before we can even start the conversation let alone establish an unbreakable bond.

Ah, but occasionally we connect.

Now I could do a number of things:

A) Create a better blog

B) Just be better at blogging, blog more

C) Promote my blog better in a myriad of ways to get more traffic

D) All of the above

I am committed to doing the above, but I’m concentrating on making my blog work for people who care about it – and judging by comments, that’s a few of you. 

I’m committed to genuinely engaging, with you, the people who are reading this blog post and especially all of you who read regularly.

What do you really want?

I would love for you to tell me, in relation this blog, and in relation to your life!

Do you want more practical tips on balance? More yin-yang thinking about how to find contentment and gratitude? How ideas on how to cope with change? Do you want a focus on self-care? Ideas on how to find your passion and flow? Kid’s meditation information, balanced parenting ideas? Thoughts on how to get rid of mother-guilt? Or simply stories of how I muddle my way through that you can relate to, and sometimes laugh at?

I’m gearing up for a blog make-over to match my own makeover (yogi to yogini update – just over 2kg down, slow and steady).

If you could spare a moment to leave a comment, I’d really appreciate it.

PS – Image may not be me in the shower.

Linking up with Grace for FYBF.


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Kathy KrugerTime for a cold shower – what do you REALLY want?

14 Comments on “Time for a cold shower – what do you REALLY want?”

  1. Marie Colantoni Pechet

    Hi Kathy,
    So, here is what I currently love about your blog – it feels like I am hearing from a friend! I love to read your stories about life and your perspective on things.
    That said, if you changed your blog, I like your style so I am sure that I would adapt. Kind of like if we regularly had coffee and conversation, and that was fun, but then you decided we should start walking instead. I might think, “Oh, I will miss the coffee” but then quickly would adapt to the new way of connecting.
    That probably doesn’t help you in figuring out direction but I hope it helps you to know that you have a follower who will be there for the ride!

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thanks Marie – you are so nice. I’m thinking of how I can create some more resources that people might want. I’ve been experimenting with some kids meditation videos and I feel my blog is a mix between personal stuff and self-help – just trying to get that balance right, he, he. You always inspire me too with your insights and courage, so we will be there for each other.

  2. Annaleis from Teapots and Tractors

    I love that when I open your blog it feels like a peaceful place to be and read before I even start.

  3. Mumabulous

    Yes – I can completely relate to this post. The majority of my blogs traffic is random (and sometimes quite obscene) search engine stuff. There’s about 12 regulars who appreciate my sense of humour. As for your own blogging direction I think you have to stay true to your own values and the audience will follow. (Sorry for spouting cliches.

  4. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    Bless, just read this now, 8.30 Friday, after we spoke. I believe it’s all about great content, you have the skills and passion to do it. But I also agree with Mumabs, write what makes you happy, because this is how you will get powerful connections xxx

  5. minsmash

    I agree that writing from your heart and what makes you feel happy is what connects with the most people. I rarely look at my blog stats. I’m planning a new blog once I get my photography studies under control. Maybe I’ll be more interested in my blog stats once that one is underway. Having said that – finding your passion is a topic that interests me 🙂 xo

  6. Tegan Churchill

    I agree with the others, write what you know and what makes you happy. When your heart isn’t in the writing I think it shows, but I get a great feel from your words. The passion you have for a better life, a more calm and natural one shows through the page and I look forward to reading about your life as well.

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