Tis’ the season – how yoga gets you into the holiday spirit

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While we don’t use the term ‘holiday season’ so much where I’m here in Australia (we’re more likely to use the festive ‘season’ or just plain old ‘Christmas’), in North America, it’s the ‘politically correct,’ universal term.Never discuss politics and religion happens to be a sensible creed I should follow—especially on a yoga website, but I don’t think calling it the holiday season takes the Christianity out of Christmas—especially given its true meaning.

Thanks (or no thanks) to the very secular practice of overindulgence and mass consumerism, some of the Christ might have disappeared out of Christmas, but to me, the philosophy and practice of yoga merely strengthens the real messages central to Christmas, Hanukkah, and other religious traditions.

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Kathy KrugerTis’ the season – how yoga gets you into the holiday spirit

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