To blog or not to blog (about yinyang or anything)

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My blog is 3 months old now and feels kind of like a baby (hopefully without so much poop coming out the other end). And I’m a new Mum and still not really sure what I’m doing. And really craving feedback.

So sorry to sound needy, but I’d really appreciate some comments on what you like (or don’t like) about my blog, what posts have resonated with you and whether I bang on about balance too much! I’d really appreciate more comments in general (needy, needy).

I think there is lots still to explore when we look at the world through a yinyang lens, on the general topics of balance and dealing with change, and the broader philosophy of ‘going with the flow’.  And we can probably never explore gratitude enough. But I don’t want to be boring anyone (or everyone) who reads my blog or coming across preachy.  Of course I’m also blogging about the kids a fair bit, because they teach me all the time, so I hope that doesn’t get too repetitive either.  Us Mums can tend to talk (and brag) about our kids far too much. So I’d love inspiration on what else you think I could write about.

I’ve had a few guest posts, and need to work on this as it brings some new visits to my blog. I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to read what I write and especially those who have come back again and again. But I would still like a few more readers (I know needy, needy).

My FB blog followers number just short of 50, so I’d love that number to nudge higher (maybe crack 100 one day), because I do use facebook to engage with people and I think we have some good interaction. Some of the really big blogs have 1 million people following them, so you can imagine me feeling pretty bloody small and insignificant in blogland!  I have an e-newsletter of posts and pics that I send out about once a fortnight if you prefer to catch up that way.  You can subscribe on the top right hand side of the home page.

So with upmost gratitude for all of you who read this blog, I’d like to ask a big favour – can you please share my blog link via email, FB or twitter with anyone you think might enjoy this blog (or share a favourite post), and can you think about offering any suggestions about how I can improve it in the comments below or on FB.

With your help I hope to inject some new YANG energy into this blog.

Thanks and Namaste.

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Kathy KrugerTo blog or not to blog (about yinyang or anything)

4 Comments on “To blog or not to blog (about yinyang or anything)”

  1. Tamara

    Kathy, I really enjoy what you write. It is hard to find the balance in my own life between kids/work/school/blog reading/everything else. Keep at it. I love reading well written essays – particularly from people I actually know. Whether I comment or not depends on so many things, but your opinions and writing is valued. I learn things from everyone I interact with – blogging, FB or.IRL. it is difficult to gauge reaction and feedback when not IRL but it is out there I assure you. Thank you for the time you take to share your experiences and thoughts.

    1. yinyangmother

      Thanks Tammy. I found hard it hard to balance things too and the blog is time-consuming so I’d like to be going somewhere with it. I do enjoy the writing. I appreciate if you can share it with friends.

  2. Judith Mosley


    I really enjoy your writing too – always have before the blog, but I am like Tamara, and have such a hard time living in a foreign country, AND trying to balance my own life with kids/work/travel/husband always gone/moving AGAIN in December – I wake up every morning, having slept in a different bed the night before ~ that may have been great when I was young, but definitely not now 😉 As your blog incorporates children, Ying & Yang & Parenting, I can comment with some authority on all three right now!

    My six kids that were once the age of yours are suddenly all teenagers (and older) – that in itself, makes each day feel like you’ve been hit by a truck bodily, and around the head by a baseball bat! I’m struggling with the whole nature v nurture theory right now, nature is winning in a lot of cases 😮 Babies & toddlers and younger children may not make one think too hard about it …. teenagers…OMG. Female teenagers ….OMG x 4.

    Just today I answered a Chakra test … they are ALL closed except for my sacral, which is weak & my throat which is strong. I’m told I need to be cleansed to open the 6 that are closed – in my mind all I can see is a laxative the size of rugby ball. Don’t have time to sit cross legged in a quiet room (is there such a place?) and humm & umm gently to myself, indulging my inner senses, or whatever it is. It all sounds very time consuming.

    Parenting – well I’m stumped by that one also. I just flew 17hrs to see my mother, who announced that she has never really liked me, and doesn’t want to see me or hear from ever again! Just wish she had told me over the phone, as it could have saved me a considerable amount of money & jeg lag. What is a good mother? Am I a good mother? I know I will never say that to ANY of my kids ever – but will they say it to me?

    I’m seriously mulling over the idea in my next life as asking to come back as a person who is happy to live alone, with her friends close by, lots of books & Italian Pinot Grigio, with a lovely garden, in a brick house out in the country.

    1. yinyangmother

      Wow Judith – this must be the best comment I’ve ever had. Your life sounds so crazy and yet you still manage it – you should be blogging on balance if it wasn’t something extra to tip you over the edge. After all the dramas in your life, I hoped things had settled down a bit for you but puberty and teenage attitude has to rear its ugly head. I would really appreciate all your experience as our kids get older – toddler tantrums and pre-teen attitude sound so relatively easy. I’m very sorry about your recent contact with your mother – it explains your recent FB post and I hope that things improve from here. I really do appreciate whenever you find to read my posts amidst all your craziness.

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