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Drumroll…well actually it’s not that dramatic.

Transitions imply slow and steady, even if it tis the season for rather dramatic metamorphosis…the whole life, death, to new life again message of Easter has got to be the ultimate reminder that change is inevitable (and even when it is quick it is seldom painless).

This rather slack blogger is going to be transitioning this still small and rather unloved blog, just as she’s transitioning her life.

She (that would be me) is now a yoga teacher. Well duh, I hear you sigh if you read me regularly.

But I finally feel like an official yoga teacher, now that I have four weekly classes (on the permanent schedule, hoping I’m not jinxing myself).

Four is as many regular classes as this slack blogger can cope with, without becoming even slacker and giving up on rather necessary things like working four days a week and parenting –  and sadly, without getting a cleaner.

Transitioning peeps (well not away from parenting or wifing) but slowly away from work. (Right now yoga teaching is paying off a brand new car – having retired my 16 year old version, but I’m going in hard for a cleaner too)!

Teaching yoga, writing and helping people reYINvent their lives with yoga, meditation and more. That’s what I’m up for. At least I think so. 


(See that’s me in my own meme – thinking deep and maybe motivating you to think deeply too, or possibly to throw up). 

So while I’ll still be yinyangmother, I’ll be moving house to yinyangliving (not any time too soon, slow transitioning peeps). And if I ever was any real kind of mummy blogger, I’m pretty much giving up that mantle (although it is still acceptable to throw in cute/charming/talented kid pics isn’t it)?

I can’t find the easy laughs in parenting like Emily and Zilla (or when I find them I can’t find the good humour or sophisticated sarcasm to write about them), nor can I find the lovely lightness in parenting pearlers quite like Renee. I definitely can’t find the quirky fairy-tale sense of delight like Jess (who else could)?

I don’t have such an appetite for adventure as Aleney (as much as it always looks so yummy), nor do I find the time to read and reflect with literary metaphor like Lara and Deb. I may be a staunch feminist, but I don’t find the energy for activism that Amy has.

I can’t bring myself to go back to the days of nappies and sleepless nights, as much as I missed out on so many of those days in adopting our kids at 12 and 9 months old. Maybe that’s why I simply hold the memories precious (or foggy as the case may be) and don’t want to revisit those early parenting trenches in my writing. I remember they kind of stank (pooey nappies and all)!

And let’s face it, I’m middle-aged. I have an almost teenager. I’m mired in the midst of mid-life reYINvention. And I want to share my secrets, for what they are worth. The secrets that I may or may not have to finding more balance and more better (as Little Yang still says, even though I’m always correcting him).

I need balance to be better, and more YIN to find my flow – maybe you do too. That’s the secret sauce I plan on spreading through the interwebs.

Meantime here’s an Easter montage of memories (poor Mr Yang worked most of the time so it was quiet for us).

I didn’t take any Good Friday photos, since I quite possibly turned it into a bad Friday by cleaning out the office (think chucking out shit from as long ago as 2006) and braving Little Yang’s room (I’m not going to make you go there). I did mention I’m gunning for a cleaner.

I didn’t take any photos of Saturday arvo drinks on the deck with a dear friend who at one time I used to see almost every week, and now we’ve gone a whole school term with only one proper catch-up (why does life have to transition like that)?

I snapped a few pics of a rather overcast patch of Easter Sunday at Burleigh (beautiful still) – beautiful brunch (after church), beach, browsing the shops and beautiful trees. One thing that isn’t going to change anytime ever is my healthy obsession for trees. The whole growth thing just really attracts me.

So Happy Easter – here’s to new life, transitioning and soon a new school term – and surviving the school holidays first. Linking with the lovely Jess for IBOT. What transitions are you making or are you content the way you are (which you know is the place of acceptance to start changing from)?

Kathy X

Namaste sign off_edited-1

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Kathy KrugerTransitioning to….

19 Comments on “Transitioning to….”

  1. Renee Wilson

    Kathy, this is SO exciting. I love the idea of Yinyangliving. It sounds perfect for you and for us the readers. That is amazing that you’re doing so well with the yoga teaching. What a fulfilling job that must be. I’m excited to hear how well you’re doing with it and the possibility of you slowly transitioning away from your day job. Exciting times ahead, my friend. Ps. Thank you for the shout out xx

  2. EssentiallyJess

    I’m so happy for you Kathy. I love that you’re finding what you want to do, or be and going towards it, even if it is through slow transitioning.
    And thanks for the lovely comments. Quirky fairy tale delight is a huge honour.

  3. Michelle Weaver (@pinkypoinker)

    How wonderful for you to be going through this transition and actually being aware of it. Most of us aren’t. I think we’d all love a cleaner. Teaching yoga four times a week must be maintaining that energy flow for you. I need some of that 🙂

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Sometimes I think I’m too aware of the pull to reinvent myself (and over-analyse – hard to believe right, ha, ha). Teaching a lot of yoga is great but you give out a lot of energy so I have to try to practise myself and give myself some down time too. You do get energy back from your students though which is lovely. I certainly don’t know how you teachers do what you do.

  4. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    Great minds I see Kathy! And I’m happy to read this as I feel you’re morphing in the direction that makes you happy, as I hopefully will. And get that cleaner! I’m just sad I got rid of my a year ago, now I feel as though I can’t justify rehiring them. xx

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Emily you so can justify having a cleaner – you have three kids and your writing business is building. And I think you are right about the direction – I enjoy writing but need to feel it has a purpose aligned to yoga and self-development. And you’ll head in a great direction for you and bring your best writing with you.

  5. Kit@Life through the haze

    Woohoo! That is super exciting that you are in the process of transitioning from “work” to being paid to do something you love! I have another friend who is currently doing that with dance teaching! She is a social worker (drug/alcohol) and while she is good at her job and is trained as a physicist so is super smart! Her passion is ballet so she took classes passed point exams and is now doing a teaching certificate to hopefully transition out of her other work and make ballet dance teaching her priority!

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thanks for a lovely comment and for visiting Kit (and sorry I’m so late replying). It does feel good to be on a transition path, although it will take a fair bit of change to make the transition financially away from work – I’m giving myself a couple of years for that. How fantastic about your friend – and very brave. As the mum of a dancer I know ballet is a lot of work but I can certainly understand the passion. I’m looking to do a series on inspirational women reinventing themselves – would love to feature your friend.

  6. Deborah

    Oh, thanks for the shout-out…. I love that you’re following your passion and will continue to follow you in whatever guise you reappear in. I enjoy your yoga / meditation / zen-like posts so hope you’ll continue to share some of those posts in your new site!

    1. Kathy Kruger

      I’ll be keeping those up for sure Deb and more of them. I will probably be less parenting, ‘mummy bloggerish’,but then I’ve been going that way for a while in my writing. I’ve always really appreciated your support.

  7. Tegan Churchill

    I’ve felt so privileged to watch your transition from learning to teach Yoga to realising your dreams. I’m so glad you came up to me and said hello at Problogger (even though I was probably pretty aloof while dealing with anxiety!).

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thank you so much Tegan – what a lovely thing to say. I feel very motivated when people have faith in me that I can get there with my yoga dreams. I have my fears and worries of course, but it really helps to be lifted up. And you did very well getting to Problogger and mingling – it can be so incredibly intimidating.

  8. lifeloveandhiccups

    This is really exciting hun – a huge congratulations to you for both the new direction and the yoga classes. Keep on rocking on sunshine because we are all coming along for the ride with you xx

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thanks so much Sonia. I’ve always appreciated your support. I actually taught six yoga classes this past week, so I’m a bit exhausted but it is fun all the same. X

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