Turn your To-Do list into a To-Be list

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Do you work off TO-DO lists? Can’t get by until you tick off every item? Is your life locked into calendar appointments, alarm reminders and task alerts? Does your TO-DO list include time to just BE?

I’m all FOR organisation (which is different from BEING organised – I’m not highly organised at all), but I reckon time divided up into tasks and counted off TO DO lists is often not time spent well at all.

You know that saying about life BEING measured in moments that take your breath away – well those moments don’t feature on TO-DO lists (bucket lists perhaps). Most often these precious moments simply happen spontaneously, the joy rendered all the sweeter because it is so fleeting. The thrill, the wonder, is purely in BEING.

Organisation is great, in theory, and for many people TO DO lists offer a great sense of control (and achievement). But if they don’t capture spare time for those moments that really take your breath away, then does control, achievement, come at the expense of really living?

I think it’s appropriate that a ‘bucket list’ is a place to capture all your dearest dreams – a bucket BEING a round receptacle from which you can draw out a dream adventure or experience and make it come true (kind of like a lucky dip).

I’m sure that some people have a strict priority order to items on their bucket list and tick off each new ‘achievement’ with glee, yet even the most regimented of  bucket lists doesn’t come with a specific timetable (unless you happen to know when you’ll kick the bucket). A bucket list is filled with dreams of experiences to enjoy, not tasks to be done, ticked off.  And then out of the blue joy takes your breath away without being found in any bucket or on any list.

Right now my TO-DO list would look something like this (if I bothered TO DO it):

  1. Laundry
  2. Clean bathroom
  3. Laundry
  4. Sort odd socks
  5. Compile tax records
  6. Update blog schedule
  7. Sort odd socks
  8. Phone mother-in-law
  9. Complete E-book
  10. Laundry

My TO-BE list would look something like this (if I bothered TO DO it):

  1. BE present
  2. BE grateful
  3. BE adventurous (queue bucket list)
  4. BE compassionate
  5. BE present
  6. BE at one with nature
  7. BE inquisitive
  8. BE loving
  9. BE present
  10. BE loved

Now this is the hard question – which list looks more preferable?

What would you put on your TO-BE list?

What would you forego on your TO-DO list to just BE?

And what would you DO on your TO-DO list if it would enable you to just BE? (yes even the laundry and sock-sorting)


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Kathy KrugerTurn your To-Do list into a To-Be list

20 Comments on “Turn your To-Do list into a To-Be list”

  1. Liz @ Clover Feet

    I don’t have a to do list as such, it’s more like these are my goals for the day in terms of housework etc and if I don’t get them done then meh they’ll keep until tomorrow or this time next week.

    I’d much rather be a human being than a human doing – but I’ve always been a bit like that.

    1. yinyangmother

      I do work well under pressure and I somehow get things done in an organise way when I need to BUT I won’t be ruled by doing either. Thanks for joining the conversation.

  2. Lisa@RandomActsOfZen

    Kathy, thank you so much for including me in your TO BE list!! I think that sounds so much better than a TO DO list, even though any kind of list sounds good to me, I just love them! xx

  3. redlandcitygirl

    I have that saying about Life being about the moments that take our breath away, in wall art in my hallway 🙂

    Love how you were able to weave all those unreal bloggers into the list at the end!

    Oh AND visiting from #TeamIBOT xxx

  4. Me

    What a great post !!!! I love the idea of a TO BE list instead of a TO DO list. I have learned (after too many years and I wish I had learned it sooner) that ‘stuff’ will wait to get done. If someone comes to visit my home and there is dust around – they are welcome to pick up the duster and get rid of it. I have started to take more time to read and crochet and relax on the weekends without feeling guilty. I take naps when I need them. I love that I have been able to put the ‘stuff’ aside a lot of the time. Yes, there are times when I just need to do the laundry because I have no clean knickers or cook a meal so we don’t go hungry – but I am less controlled by the ‘stuff’ than I used to be.
    I am truly honoured to have been included in your list of favourite blogs – thank you so much !
    Have the best week and take care !

    1. yinyangmother

      Thanks…and no problems with the mention. I have so eased up the housework because it can’t be a priority, although sometimes I go crazy and just want everything totally clean!

  5. Have a laugh on me

    I LOVE the idea of a TO BE list: here is mine
    TO BE:
    At peace
    Thanks for the mention – I really do hope that I can add a little laugh/smile/humour to your lovely self!
    Have a happy week – Em xx

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  8. Shell

    Wow, thanks Kathy, that’s definitely close to what I’m meaning … and prmpting lits of questions to which I don’t know my answers yet.

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