Unresolved – done with resolutions!

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I am feeling unresolved this New Year. There are things that I should, could, will do (change) in 2014 yet I am not calling them resolutions. And I’m not planning on starting the New Year with a big bang that ends in a whimper.

What about you?

New Year feels like such an artificial time to change, to really change. Resolutions seem trite.

2014 deserves better – and so do you.

It deserves dreams and possibilities, not just changes to bad habits.

It deserves more than one word to live by (although that’s a start) – it deserves a dictionary of daring.

I know that 2014 should, could, will be about letting go AND letting in, balance really.

We so often focus on all the things we need to give up or lose (like weight and wine) when it should be more about what we take on, allow into our life (like a new exercise routine that we come to love, a new friendship that we come to treasure). (I wrote some great tips on letting in for this Tiny Buddha post: You are worthy of receiving: ten things to let into your life.)

And we focus on the magic date as though the things that should, could happen, magically will, just as the clock ticks over to January 1 (for a start if we’re nursing a hangover from 2013 we hardly have the resolve to change immediately).

Letting in and letting go – like breathing in and out – this makes much more sense to me.

To use the yoga breathing analogy, it’s about becoming aware of what we let into our lives and choosing to ‘breathe deeper’ – letting only those things in our life that aren’t shallow and leave us gasping for meaning. And it’s about letting go to make room for the good stuff, not simply for the sake (or the resolution) of giving up something.

For me, work circumstances will leave me in ‘limbo land’ for the first two weeks of 2014 and then we spend ten days in Japan, visiting Tokyo and skiing. I can’t wait, and so I’m not really focused on what I should, could, will be doing next year. I’ll get back and have a few days to refocus before the Chinese New Year (of the Horse) arrives on February 1 – I guess that will be my true new start.

But I will be breathing into it – balancing my approach to change in that sweet spot between procrastinating and rushing headlong, letting in as much as letting go. I’ll be moving forward, but allowing things to resolve too. At least I’ll be trying to.

I’ll be trying to remember that sometimes change is not about right places and right times, but right moments, wherever and whenever they happen.

Meantime I don’t think it hurts to explode some of the bad stuff and celebrate the good as I’ve done with my video – Happy New Year.

Oh and see how much it is possible to grow in one year – last year Miss Yin was urging us to see how far we could stretch into 2013 – this year, leg upstretched and balanced, she’s reminding us how much we can stretch from a place of balance.

Stetching and balancing in 2014

Thanks for all your support this year and see you in 2014! Loving the linkups with Jess #IBOT and Grace at FYBF.

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Kathy KrugerUnresolved – done with resolutions!

23 Comments on “Unresolved – done with resolutions!”

  1. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    Have a fabulous holiday lovely, leave all cares behind and enjoy it! I am going to make slow, steady changes to my life, find a better balance is top of my list. Thanks for your support this year, it’s meant a lot to me xxx

  2. becc03

    I do like this idea. I spend so much time being focused on what I have been forced to give up, or what I think I should give up, that I have forgotten about letting things in.
    Thank you for the new spin on things and helping me to move in the right direction.

  3. EssentiallyJess

    One thing I am really conscious of wanting to do this year is to learn to say no to the things that I don’t love, or that will take away from me doing what I do love. I feel like the last 6 months of 2013 i took on board too much that I couldn’t handle, and I would really like to find the balance in that this year.

  4. Tegan Churchill

    Happy New Year! This year I am deciding that there will be no more ‘should promises’. The only things that these promises do is create unnecessary guilt so instead I will be taking what life throws at me one day at a time.

  5. Vicki Flaherty

    Love this: ‘a dictionary of daring’ and this: ‘change is not about right places and right times, but right moments, wherever and whenever they happen’ – here’s to a year of daring adventure that begins in this moment.

  6. iSophie

    I think the new start can be whenever you are ready and able to do it. Feb sounds like a good point for you, so for now you can focus on your holiday and skiing sounds awesome I might add! #teamIBOT

  7. Pinky Poinker

    What a gorgeous little girl you have. I’ve been meditating and breathing with my Grade 4 class in 2013 and I can’t believe what a difference it made to all of us 🙂

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thanks for visiting Michelle – I will go and check out your blog. My daughter has just finished Grade 4 – we try meditation but it is a bit hit and miss.

  8. Alicia - One Mother Hen

    Hope you have a fantastic holiday. Thanks for giving me a different take on resolutions. I like the thought of letting in the good stuff and letting go of the stuff that doesn’t serve me well 🙂

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