Want to know my most popular post?

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My most popular post has nothing to do with cats, even though people do search ‘funny cat’ quite frequently and find an image of a yoga-loving feline that I pinched from this page. Cute heh – there are dozens more.

What exactly is it about cats that almost breaks the internet? What unites us in laughter and our shared desire to escape the drudgery of the day watching funny cat videos?

Funny cats are seemingly a universal language, but when we greet each other we use different words and the meaning sometimes get’s lost in translation, or we fail to greet each other at all, as I wrote about in this post – Namaste, Aloha, Shalom, Salaam.

Hello. Again.

By google page views it is my most popular post – a simple entreaty for us to take the time to greet each other with warmth and interest, to ignore the barriers of language and difference (and perhaps to stop engaging with virtual cats instead of people).

It has been viewed 5146 times in 8 months, which I realise is hardly viral, but then it’s no cat video (WordPress page views report 1407 views, so I don’t know who to believe – this analytics stuff?).

Now I can’t say that people read or heed the message in the post, but because it seems somewhat popular, by page views at least, perhaps it does strike a chord.

Like a great song that unites in its harmony, the music speaking to our collective souls even when the lyrics aren’t understood, what connects us is universal even when we don’t understand each other. Even when we don’t seek to understand each other we are still connected! Sometimes, sadly, we are connected more by hate than through love.

I had the pleasure of listening to a university A’Capella choir (think Pitch Perfect) yesterday. The talented group is headed to New York at the end of the month to perform at Carnegie Hall, no less.

An A’Capella choir is testament to how we sound so much better (fantastic in fact – pitch perfect) when we allow our voices to rise together, to harmonise not despite, but because of our differences. Highs balance lows, lows balance highs and in between is the melody. The common thread. It is what brings us in tune with each other.

With so much negativity and judgement in the blogosphere, on the internet and in the wider world lately, I couldn’t resist reiterating the message about the power of connection and the truth that the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts (especially in four-part harmony) if we will just give each other the right to a voice.

I wish I could craft a post that would go funny cat viral or create a social media campaign that would spread like free hugs around the globe. Or conceive and produce this tear-jerker (if you haven’t seen it, you have been warned).


We’re connected in love and in fear. In hope and despair. In success and failure, joy and sorrow, jealousy and admiration. We’re connected in dreams and disappointments, through peace and through war.

We’re deeply connected in our human longing and in longing to be connected.

Perhaps I had you at hello (or Namaste, Aloha, Shalom, Salaam). I mean it with a genuine sense of gratitude and connection.

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And in thanks I offer you – a funny cat video of course. Connecting for FYBF with the lovely Grace and joining in the weekend rewind with the lovelies: Sonia, Bron, Kelly and Sonia Styling.


Do you like funny cat videos/pics or enough already? (I much prefer a tear-jerker). What is your favourite viral video/meme? Who would you really like to connect with?

Namaste sign off_edited-1Kathy X

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Kathy KrugerWant to know my most popular post?

18 Comments on “Want to know my most popular post?”

  1. Amy @ HandbagMafia

    I firmly believe the internet was mainly created for sharing cat pictures. And funnily, I looked up my most popular post last year and it’s one I didn’t write! 😀 And much less profound that your message but still it’s good to spread laughs!

  2. Denise

    I love your message Kathy – spot on. It’s always interesting to see what your most popular post is, isn’t it? I love yoga cat and internet cat pictures generally (and I don’t even like cats?). x

  3. Kelly Exeter (@kellyexeter)

    I love the idea of greeting each other with warmth and interest. I’ve actually been trying to do this more lately with people I meet incidentally. I live so much in my head I generally go about tasks like banking and grocery shopping etc in a very vague way and I probably barely make eye contact with the person serving me. Which is pretty average! So recently I’ve started trying to be a bit more alert and engage better with anyone who is talking me. Small steps!

  4. Michelle Weaver (@pinkypoinker)

    I try to connect with everyone I meet. On the way to my class every morning I stop at every pram and try to get the babies to smile at me. I do it at the shopping centre too. I’m sure some people think I’m weird but I feel connected to the universe when babies smile at me 🙂

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