Want to try yoga with your kids?

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If you don’t know your downward dog from your frog, your cat from your cow, then maybe it’s time to explore the animal kingdom of yoga with your kids.

*This post includes a book review – not sponsored, but I did receive a complimentary copy

There’s an Old MacDonald’s farmyard full of postures, or asanas to try together, and whether you can touch your toes (or not so much), there’s calm and connection to be found amidst the fun and laughs.

And according to a ‘Mother Om’ who should know, there’s a whole lot more to be discovered.

“The ancient practice of yoga gives us the tools to manage the emotional journey of motherhood,” writes Leonie Percy, founder of Yoga Mamata (pronounced Maa-MAA-taa, it means ‘mother’s love’) and author of Mother Om.

Her debut book, written genuinely with a mother’s love, is full of practical optimism for connecting with our kids and building compassion in the world through cultivating the benefits of yoga, meditation and mindfulness for ourselves, and sharing our practice with our kids.

As Leonie espouses, and I’ve also found – as parents our yoga practice (and our lives of course) are enriched and shaped by what our kids teach us.

Our children are our gurus, and we can be the change we want to see in our childLeonie Percy

Proud Mum alert – sneak peak of some proofs of photos I’ve just had taken of the kids and I doing yoga. 


Regular readers know about my kid’s meditation videos and my personal yoga journey, which I’ll take to a new level when I start teacher training in seven weeks (eek! I have sooo much pre-reading to do).

But reading Leonie’s book was like a (yogic) breath of fresh air, a perfect blend of tips and wisdom that just (vinyasa) flows from the principles of yoga (and a bit of Buddhism), to insights from her own parenting challenges (as a single Mum, after the sudden breakdown of her marriage), to practical tips for yoga with kids, on and off the mat.

It sort of felt like I was sitting down for a cup of tea and a chat with Leonie (we will meet one day) – her writing is simple, honest and heartfelt.

While I knew we’d share the same philosophies before I even turned the first page, I was also heartened to know that some of the ideas I’ve tried out on my kids, especially in terms of encouraging mindfulness (in myself and them), are techniques Leonie has taught in her classes with success.

Plus she offers a wealth of ideas I haven’t thought of or tried. Her ideas support preparing for motherhood through pregnancy, ongoing self-care, early bonding with baby and then tips for finding mindful moments with young children, even at the dreaded toddler age.

Naturally yoga and meditation for kids is play and sensory-based – think yoga sushi, a game of rolling kids up in a yoga mat, bee-breathing to help kids get mindful, and the spaghetti trick (get your kids to imagine themselves as hard, uncooked spaghetti, relaxing into soft, flexible al dente pasta). There are ideas for older primary kids too.

Leonie’s mission is to help Mums (and parents) to ‘stress less’ and Mother Om ($24.95 including postage) offers lots of lessons to do this.

You can dip into the book for quick ideas or flow through the chapters – you’ll be empowered to find ‘one (or more) mindful moment’s a day with your child’, without even going to a yoga class! (If you live in Sydney, Leonie does weekly kids yoga classes (and Mum and bub) classes in the Eastern suburbs and offers private family yoga consultations by appointment). She also offers yoga retreats, just for Mums.

Since Leonie graciously offered me a copy of her book, I’d like to pay the love forward by shouting a reader a copy. Just comment below to enter.

Let me know – have you tried yoga and meditation with your kids? Would you give it a go? Linking up for another IBOT with Essentially Jess and linking up with the lovely Grace for another FYBF.


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73A1EB32D4285CFA02557829BCA6D320PS – I spied the lovely Grace Titioka’s twinions on Leonie’s website, so I’m sure she can recommend classes first-hand.



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Kathy KrugerWant to try yoga with your kids?

21 Comments on “Want to try yoga with your kids?”

  1. Carla

    I’ve never tried it, but I think my 2 would enjoy it. I often catch them doing my workout moves like the plank so they’re definably interested!! x

  2. homelifesimplified

    Would love the book. My kids do some yoga moves at dance class for stretching, but I would love us to start spending 10 min together daily doing some yoga at home. Love the pics of you all together. Deb xx.

  3. Kylie Purtell - A Study in Contradictions

    I would love this! I first started doing Yoga when I was pregnant with Punky. I loved it so much that I then went to the Mums & Bubs yoga after she was born, but then life got in the way and I stopped going (plus Punky started crawling and that was not conducive to doing yoga for myself or everyone else!). I also did prenatal with Zee and went to Mums & Bubs for a few months after she was born, but again haven’t continued on. I’ve been wanting to take Punky to a toddler Yoga class for ages but the only one nearby is on at the same time as her swimming lessons so it hasn’t happened yet, but when I do some moves at home in the afternoon she often tries to copy (and is much better than me!) so this book would be awesome encouragement.

    1. Kathy Kruger

      That’s great Kylie – the book is actually a lot about yoga in the broadest sense – not jut the fun moves but the whole thing of being mindful, compassionate etc that is yoga philosophy. It makes us feel good yet we let it slip because we get busy (and I totally get prioritising swimming lessons). I’m just making yoga and meditation for me because I know it makes me a better Mum and person.

  4. mummywifeme

    I love following your yoga journey, Kathy. It’s making me itch to get back into it. When my first was around 12 weeks old I did a series of mums and bubs yoga classes. This followed on from me doing pre-natal yoga. I haven’t done anything with the kids since, but often when miss four is having a meltdown I try to get her to centre herself and focus on her breathing.

    1. Kathy Kruger

      I reckon you would be a great yogi Renee if you could find the time – you have a real calmness about you that comes across in your writing and in person. With Little Yang I have mixed success, but then 4 year old’s are hard to calm, although almost 11 year old’s aren’t that easy either.

  5. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    Look at you yummy mummy with your gorgeous kidlets!!! What a lovely series of photos and I’ve only tried Yoga once, shame on me I know, can we still be friends? Maybe I’m too much of a fast and furious to give Yoga the love it deserves? x

  6. Druimé S Nolan

    I love your yoga photo’s . Your daughter is amazing! I have done a little bit of yoga with my 4 year old. He loved it its so funny to see him trying to copy the moves. I can totally see how it would benefit their busy minds.

    1. Kathy Kruger

      I think four years old is a good time to start because they can actually ‘do’ some of the physical moves (sort of) – as you say it is their busy minds and energy that is hard to still.

  7. leonie percy

    Hey beautiful mum’s. Thanks Kathy for the lovely review. You can buy “Mother Om” from my website, only 24.95 with free shipping. http://www.yogamamata.com/shop. “Mother Om” is not just about kids yoga but also about how to take away the stress of motherhood in one mindful moment a day. Love Leonie author of Mother Om x

  8. Eleise

    You are inspiring, I just love these photos. The book sounds great too, I should do more of this with Miss 5 who suffers from racing mind like me. I am planning a meditation retreat with Miss 16 next month too and we do balance together. I might have to grab this book!

  9. Grace

    Love, love LOVE your yoga photos! How flexible is Miss Yin! She’s amazing! You know, it’s been a year since Leonie taught the twinions yoga and they still remember the poses and breathing exercises. It’s such a great thing for them to learn.

  10. Tegan Churchill

    I haven’t done Yoga with Mr 5 but he loves the show that used to be on ABC4Kids called Waybuloo that had yoga poses through it.

    I love the pictures of you and your kids, they are gorgeous.

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