What a difference a year makes

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Squamish, Christmas Day 2012This photo was taken by our friends on Christmas Day in Squamish, Canada where we lived throughout 2011. They had lots of snow and a lovely White Christmas – of course it rained when we were there for Christmas last year. I have to admit I’m just a little bit disappointed we missed this and the snow came one year too late!

But as I pondered in my Christmas post, there is no point expecting things to be perfect (let alone chasing perfection). Instead we should focus on what is wonderful about our imperfect lives – drop perfect and look for wonder. If I’d been in Canada this year I would have missed my Dad getting ready for Santa duties. Priceless.
Santa Dad


It also got me thinking that a year can make a big difference – and of the differences I’ve made this past year and hope to make in the next. Everything will change – the snow will surely melt or wash away – but the differences we have made will leave an indelible impression.

At this time of reflection – what difference have you made this year, and what difference do you intend to make in 2013?

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Kathy KrugerWhat a difference a year makes

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