When parenting goes pear shaped

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Where do I start? With Mother’s Day, because I woke up with a hangover for starters, entirely self-inflicted (as they always are) but entirely worth it, since we’d enjoyed a lovely night of celebration with my Mum and family.

Nothing pear shaped about the sunset view the night before

Nothing pear shaped about the sunset view the night before – cheers to that!

Head pounding, in my niece’s bed, the kids short-circuited the required sleep-in with obligatory hand-made presents (from Little Yang) and the rather lame effort from Miss Yin of a store-bought card, in which she’d lied written, twice for good measure, that she loved me. And then they were out the door with hardly a peck on the cheek let alone a vote of thanks. Cousins beckoned. Quad bikes and dogs and games and fun. Maybe I was grateful for small mercies.

Exhibit A - my Mother's Day loot!

Exhibit A – my Mother’s Day loot!

I did however have to get up for a family breakfast and surprisingly felt better than by rights I should have as the day wore on. I managed to hang in for the birthday cake for my brother-in-law who had to suffer his occasion being overshadowed for all that gushing over mothers – supposedly.

In my recovering hung-over state I was a little miffed that Mr Yang had outlaid for my Mother’s Day present precisely $2 for the card from the cheap shop that Miss Yin had written in. I did feel a bit better since he was uncharacteristically slack and forgot to ring his own Mum until after we’d arrived back home in the afternoon!

Things went downhill. Miss Yin growled and might have mentioned that she hated me, twice for good measure, whilst we were in the midst of homework and some preparation I was trying to do to help her with her NAPLAN English test.

I must admit I yelled. I exasperated. No doubt I infuriated. I swore. But she wasn’t supposed to have said she hated me on Mother’s Day.

She also stubbornly resisted folding the washing, which is supposed to be a pocket-money chore, but I would have almost gratefully accepted as a ‘gift’ on Mother’s Day. It’s the small things.

Little Yang melted down with tiredness from hanging with the cousins as I headed off to teach my Sunday evening yoga class (yep on this occasion, the last thing I wanted to do, be all YIN-like).

I arrived home to the left-over curry we’d taken to my sister’s house as part of dinner, bringing home the remainder. I microwaved it myself. In Mr Yang’s defence, I’d told him not to worry about dinner, but still, it was Mother’s Day. No-one even made me a cup of tea.

I might have cracked it a bit as I grumpily took myself off to bed, cracking it more the next day when Miss Yin’s attitude hadn’t improved. It was like she was determined to make things worse. And she seems to have taught Little Yang well to call me b#@chface!!! For my part, I might have let off a superlative or two.

Showdown the next day as things continued to spiral downward, only I had to moderate my madness since she had NAPLAN. I stood my ground (possibly threatening divorce) with Mr Yang insisting Miss Yin would have to miss her dance classes that night as a consequence. And she seethed, but possibly also chastened a bit.

Then there was the dental disaster as a specialist dentist recommended $3,000 worth of work on our Little Yang’s teeth under general anaesthetic. Certainly not what we’d been expecting (our dentist has since said the specialist is being overly cautious and the pain in Little Yang’s mouth and our pocket need not be quite so bad). But ouch#!?

And then Ruffus the wrecker chewed up the little star-shaped box that Little Yang made – the one with the paper flowers inside and the inscription to store my worries away there, so I’d never have to worry again. Yeh right. Ruffus also had a go at chewing the soap from the Mother’s Day stall. Serves him right if he starts blowing bubbles. (Did I mention I even stumped up the Mother’s Day stall money). Oh and I may have to wash out my own mouth with soap.

Now I just have the laminated placemat that says Little Yang loves me because I make the best soup (see recipe below).


Oh and the cup that says I’m awesome, marvellous etc because I certainly don’t feel like it – not when parenting feels pear-shaped.

Still I posted (gushed) last week about the Mother’s Day I thought would never happen and I live in hope that she’ll be apples this week (or maybe everything will come up roses)!

Best Mother in the World Broccoli Soup
Broccoli soup


Two medium-large heads of broccoli chopped

Half a litre vegetable stock, or fill just above broccoli

Salt & pepper to taste

Greek yoghurt – three tablespoons to thicken/creamify

8-10 basil leaves

Good squirt (or two) of garlic aioli


Cook broccoli to soft in vegetable stock

Remove from heat and blend with basil, aioli and season

Pour into saucepan and reheat, stirring in yoghurt

Serve with shaved parmesan and wedge crackers (or garlic croutons)

Accept the applause!

Linking up with Essentially Jess for IBOT and joining in with Grace for FYBF.

When did parenting last go pear-shaped for you? Can you get your kids to eat Broccoli soup – do you even like it?

Namaste sign off_edited-1

PS – I do promise to go back to regular programming of trying to write something that might be useful/inspirational/remotely interesting for you instead of gushing/moaning about parenthood.

Kathy X

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Kathy KrugerWhen parenting goes pear shaped

17 Comments on “When parenting goes pear shaped”

  1. yespeasmumma

    Parenting goes pear shaped for me most days. My son told me he didn’t love the other day. Not on mother’s day though – that would be shit ;). It did break my heart though, but I know he is too young to mean it. Only have to wait another few years until he becomes a teenager that he will really mean it. Yay.

    1. Kathy Kruger

      The I hate you’s hurt for sure. I don’t think our daughter really means it even though she’s almost a teenager, but she definitely doesn’t like me – which is probably balance because I don’t like her either when she behaves like that!

  2. Maxabella

    It really does all seem to spiral out of control so easily. One thing after another, no wonder we struggle to cope sometimes. Luckily Broccoli soup cures all ills – especially a mother’s! And you make yours with yoghurt instead of cream (mine), so that explains why the only pear you’re witnessing is the life pear and not the arse pear!!! x

    1. Kathy Kruger

      I’m sure you’re soup is great. And my ass suffers from a bit of middle-aged spread, although the yoga definitely helps. Things are looking up in the last day or so, so this week may just be apples.

  3. writeofthemiddle

    LOL – oh Kathy I shouldn’t laugh but that all sounds pretty normal to me! I have been grumpy and disappointed on so many Mother’s Days. That Broccoli soup looks bloody yummy and so totally worthy of the title of the Best Mother in the World!! 😉 xoxo

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thanks Min – yes sorry for the rant. I’m sure I’m not the only mother in the world to feel things are pear-shaped. I wonder whether that combination of teenager (well in two months) with a still whingey 6 year old is really the best, especially when he learns HER attitude. Sigh. But I should count myself grateful that they both love my Broccoli soup. Who’d have thought!

  4. deb dane

    Sigh. Kids. They know how to twist us up and then how to love us up. Just today a stupid incident over ice cream left me in the doghouse with miss 11. I know she is holding a grudge when we have to go somewhere just the two of us and she gets in the backseat. Thankfully by the time we were heading home she either forgot or forgave me and was in the front and talking to me again. Xx

  5. Michelle Weaver (@pinkypoinker)

    It’s good to hear the Yin sometimes turns a bit Yang for everyone, Kathy. Every mother’s day from now until they have their own kids will be horrible. Prepare yourself. I laughed my head off when I saw on FB you had a hangover on Mother’s day. Ghosts of past Mother’s Days came back to haunt me xxx

  6. Kylie Purtell

    This morning. We had to take the car in to the mechanic for a service, and Zee, not realising it was only going to be a 5 minute round-trip to pick up Daddy and come straight back home has just had an hour-long meltdown because we didn’t in fact go to Grandma’s house and how dare we take her for a car ride that ends back where she started without exiting the car once. We are such shit parents, lol!

    I hope this week is a better one for you xx

  7. lifeloveandhiccups

    Oh hun – I am gong to have to admit that I was waiting for the big clanger to drop.. but it didnt. Whilst I did get taken out for lunch on MD (totally not boasting) everything I read here just resonates on a day to day basis. They love us they hate us, they need us they dont want us. Gah I am surprised we mother dont have more meltdowns than we do. I hope you got lots of extra cuddles in the days that followed and whispers of I love you to make up from the overrated commercialized day xx

  8. Deborah

    I read this the other day and thought I commented. (But obviously didn’t!) It sounds like a horrible day but I suspect since then they’ve done a million cute and loving things that have reminded you that you’re doing a wonderful job and that all you can do is your best and give them your love! x

  9. Em @ Have A Laugh On Me

    Oh my lovely I feel your pain, what a shocker of a day you had. Truth be told my morning was lovely but it all turned to custard about lunch time and it was just the same old fighting trio of terrible at their worst. As for being inspiring, YOU ARE, reading this is helpful as it shows us we’re not in the same boat. Have a great week ahead xxx

  10. toniazemek

    What a day, hey! Sometimes it’s just one thing after another. I love that placemat (and p.s. I’m going try this famous soup of yours as we were just this week talking about doing something with broccoli) x

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