When reality really is the right distraction

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If you aren’t friends with me on Facebook or following my Facebook page (which also posts to Twitter because I’m lazy) then you won’t have heard our news. And shame on you! (ha, ha).

I even posted to Instagram, which is kinda rare for me – because slack photographer (me) and soooo cute (him)!! I should probably pin him too.

Ruffus that is. We welcomed him Saturday – much anticipated, even if I’d sort of slightly, well just a little bit, not really that much at all, dreaded getting a dog again. Well the hair!

Gorgeous chocolate Labrador pups have a lot less hair than German Shepherds (RIP Samson). We still love you (it’s been almost 6 years).

WOW – what a puppy can do for your life in 48 hours.

Enough words – here are the puppy porn pics. Don’t drool too much.

So bloggers – the perennial question – does blogging make life feel more or less real?

So blog readers – does reading blogs make real life make more sense?

Does writing amplify life or distract you from it? Does sitting down to compose a post help you clarify your decisions? Does it help you see life anew or does it distract from the business of living? The busyness of new puppy looking-after and do-do picking up?

Does writing/reading help you see life through a puppy’s eyes? (soft, innocent, adventurous, magical).

Can words ever be as powerful as puppy love?

Should you be patting your puppy (that doesn’t sound so good) instead of crafting your words or reading those of others? Does the world suddenly make so much more sense in the midst of a canine cuddle, so that no amount of word-smithing will ever find such meaning again?

Words will never pad across a page quite like puppy paws slip sliding across a floor. Words will never have the depth of looking deep into a puppy’s eyes (Ruffus’ eyes are slowly changing from blue to green to hazel and eventually they will turn chocolate, just like his coat).  A perfect literary metaphor for life.

In the meantime, all there is to do is to enjoy (oh and pick up the doggie do-dos).

New Year resolutions (I don’t make them). Plans (other than of the new puppy variety) and goals can wait just a while. They call it puppy love. And it is the perfect distraction.

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Kathy KrugerWhen reality really is the right distraction

18 Comments on “When reality really is the right distraction”

  1. Denise

    Ahh Kathy, you are in love. And who could blame you. He is divine! I want a puppy so badly but will have to wait till my son is older. I just couldn’t cope. Enjoy xx

    1. Kathy Kruger

      It will be worth the wait Denise. We waited (I had to be convinced from a cleaning up/ties you down perspective to get another dog). Our kids are 12 and almost 6 – perfect ages to walk together by themselves down the road (350 metres) to the dog exercise park, and also hopefully old enough to look after him generally (including poop scooping).

  2. Vanessa

    Nothing is as powerful as puppy love. Nothing is so across the board happy to see you as a dog. I swear my dog has depressions when I go to work – when I’m at home on the weekends she will follow me from room to room if I’m inside. Not on top of me, but within about 2m of me. When I leave for work in the morning she always goes to find a ball or something. I think that’s her asking me to stay.

    Writing…well it helps me. It gets things out of my head, other people give me perspectives. It’s valuable, though right now I feel unsure of anything as to HOW valuable things are!

    1. Kathy Kruger

      You sound like you and your dog have a lovely mutual admiration thing going on. I agree about getting things out of your head – they are still out of your head if no-one sees them, and that’s valuable too.

  3. writeofthemiddle

    He is gorgeous! I love his eyes! As to your questions – blogging CAN and HAS distract me from life. I got caught up last year in believing I had to keep to a schedule and was trying to churn out 3 blog posts per week, all with my own photography but one each week (wordless wednesday) containing lots of my photographs. Editin RAW images takes quite a bit of time! It was hard! It stopped me doing other stuff and it made me stressed. We need to do ‘other stuff’ in order to be interesting bloggers. Lesson learned!! 😉

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Very true – we need to ‘live’ in order to ‘blog’. And I’m pleased your switching your emphasis to photography and honing in on nature photography too – a great place to find mindfulness.

  4. Lisa

    Oh I want one too!! Writing for myself clears my mind but blogging can be a huge distraction from the real life world

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Sometimes I think it might be better just to write more for fun, not to publish anything, not to have any pressure – it feels sort of hard to do that when you have a blog though.

  5. mummywifeme

    Awwww he is just the cutest!!! I bet he’s so soft and lovely. As for blogging, I find it does amplify life and help me make decisions and find clarity, but it also most definitely distracts me from living life too :/

    1. Kathy Kruger

      His paws and his little waddle walk make me smile so much and he is very soft and cuddly. I feel like there is a lot of ‘real life’ distracting me from blogging at the moment – I think I’ve been re-adjusting the balance for a while now and all the yoga teaching is making that happen anyway.

  6. Lara at This Charming Mum

    Rufus is absolutely adorable! We’ve had our crazy dog for almost a year now and I’m so grateful for his presence. A psychologist I met who works with animal assisted therapy explained how great dogs are at mindfulness – focusing on one thing at a time, being aware of their surroundings, sitting still and watching the world go by etc. They have much to teach us in terms of both work and play I reckon! So enjoy your puppy love

  7. Pinky Poinker

    I was following the lead up to the arrival on Facebook 🙂 You know me and my penchant for pups, Kathy. He is adorable. But equally adorable is that little boy of yours. What a cheeky monkey face! So cute. Good luck with the toilet training x

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