Winter – a yearn for yin

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Winter is the season of yin. Which suits me just fine as I head off to a yoga retreat and complete my training in yin yoga over the next couple of weeks.

I’m going to use the very unfashionable ‘OMG’ to say that I’m lucky. I’m kinda unfashionable. (The retreat is just one weekend away a year, and the training two weekends (days), lest you think me super-indulgent – but THANK YOU MR YANG).

Back to the purpose of this post – how can yin warm your cockles this winter?

YIN is cool, yang is warm – so best get near an open fire, heater or inside a onesie and balance the cold with the cozy. But don’t you appreciate that ‘nip’ in the air (or maybe that is just in Queensland)? Isn’t the chill a worthy excuse for chillin’?

YIN is dark (early sunsets, late sunrises) – so best enjoy the extra sleep while you can get it (with apologies to mothers of toddlers who haven’t cottoned on to the change of season and still wake at 5am).

YIN is cool but comfy, because while you’re busy warming yourself up it’s still farking freezing outside and you appreciate the chance to cuddle up to someone (or a blanket!) and just watch flames flickering (mindlessly), or endless episodes of Game of Thrones or whatever tickles your winter fantasy (mindlessly).


Well sort of.

YIN is the excuse you need to slow down. To hunker down/in (do we hunker in Australia or is that just American talk?). To relax, reflect, rest, rejuvenate – all those ‘R’ words that roll off the tongue when you aren’t in the midst of a stressful, sweaty, suffocating Summer (which could be a sanguine, sultry, seaside Summer). Yin is slow, sweet, and sublime – if you surrender to it.

Here are some ways to simply surrender into the sensational, superlative stillness of yin (or else stimulation, in the softest possible way, to soak in the season). Go on luxuriate.

Cook/eat this:

Chicken congee

Chicken congee – warms the cockles (what the hell is a cockle?) This image is mine, but Poh’s Kitchen’s recipe is here

(It will warm and soothe the senses at the same time. Cooking is very yin nurturing, but then eating is very yin ‘chillin while someone else cooks’ – so you decide. Just feel nourished.)

Play this (image source):



(Nothing like nostalgia for a time before tablet devices to get you all reflective, in the nicest possible way).



(Yin is very non-doing. But if you must do, then do yin yoga. Pose by the beautiful Natasha.)


  • Warm
Mr Yang in front of a fire

Mr Yang in front of a fire

  • Supported


  • Wistful

  • Creative
My Autumn leaves mandala drawing

My Autumn leaves mandala drawing – didn’t say I can draw, but I like to

(And I read that adult colouring books are now occupying several spots in the best-selling lists.)

Just feel actually, because yin energy allows you to slow down so you have time to feel without doing your to-do list.

  • Listen to this (and support if you can):

I hope you can find some space for yin time as we head into winter. In my latest post on DoYouYoga I’m calling for a yin revolution (or evolution at least) in our mad yang world. A little winter slow-down is a start. How will you nurture yourself this winter?

Namaste sign off_edited-1

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Kathy KrugerWinter – a yearn for yin

12 Comments on “Winter – a yearn for yin”

  1. mummywifeme

    I seriously am enjoying the cooler weather, although today it feels like a summer’s day. The girls and I have had a lovely stroll in the winter sun this morning and will enjoy a cuddle up tonight. I agree, it’s a perfect time for comfort foods and taking it easy. Enjoy the yoga retreat!

  2. Liz

    I recently did my first yin yoga class on holiday in Bali and it was glorious. Tough but relaxing. Enjoy your teacher training!

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