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A page to discuss balance in yin yang terms and to roadtest some recipes (note – I’m not a dietician or a chef, but I do like cooking and trying to maintain a healthy balance). And I’ve been known to make some mean yum cha (dim sum dumplings).

Balancing yin and yang energies in our diets is an important part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and I will draw on research and information from this field to hopefully come up with some balanced meals and flavours – that taste good!

All suggestions welcome!

Oh – and the picture above is my Asian (Vietnamese style) Sweet & Sour ginger chilli Chicken with mint, brocollini, mushrooms and snowpeas.

You can read this post that gives an explanation of yin and yang in our diets and a list of foods.

And by popular demand I’m sharing my famous and secret (well not so much anymore) recipes for dumplings, Asian fusion style. Check out this post and enjoy some Yin Yang Yummmm.

pork and prawn







And if you want to know what gratitude tastes like, try this post.

Lunch – cooking with gratitude

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