Yoga poses for Problogger #PBEVENT

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So you want to get limber, calm and centred for a jam-packed conference?

There’ll be lots of sitting around and craning your neck for a better view of the great speakers and craning to find that blogger you really want to meet amidst the crowds at morning tea.

Then there’s standing up half the night in high heels (well probably not the guys or the sensible girls) for the cocktail event, and just trying to find some calm, confidence and clarity amidst the buzz (and sometimes chaos) of a big event.

There’s lunch, and morning tea, and afternoon tea, and while yoga may not be a weight-loss solution, it’s good to be able to have your cake and eat it too.

Anyone for strawberry cake

Exhibit A from last year – anyone for strawberry cake

Stiff neck, sore shoulders, numb bum, brain fog! Yoga can help.

And of course Problogger, like all great conferences, is about stretching ourselves with our goals and life in general. Same as yoga.

Regular readers will know I love yoga, and sometimes cake too, and I start an intensive course in yoga teacher training the very next day after #pbevent. Yep, no rest for the wicked – my head is certain to be buzzing big time by the time I complete ten days straight of full-on learning.

IMG_0055 vintage denim_edited-1

One of us may be more flexible, and my butt looks big at this angle (or could be the cake)

So here’s some yoga to help prepare you for Problogger, or just life.

Pranayama – we’re talking breathing, but if you think you’ve got that basic bodily function sorted, you probably haven’t. There is so much to learn. From a yoga point of view, pranayama, or proper breathing will bring more oxygen to the brain and blood, and help control the flow of prana, or life energy through the body. There are numerous breathing techniques that you can try, that generally slow down the breathing. Yogis believe we are born with a certain number of breaths – think about that.

A full yogic breath will be in four parts, the inhalation moving from filling the stomach and diaphragm, up into the rib cage, into the chest and lungs and thoracic spine, then rising up into the collarbones, throat and nose. Then there’s the hold, retaining the air, followed by a slow exhalation in reverse, smooth and continuous, and finishing with an empty pause that you feel in the bottom of your stomach.

This breath should calm and re-energize you at the same time. And if it all gets too much you can try ‘lion’s breath’ – stick out your tongue and sigh out loud and fast!

TadasanaMountain Pose – this is one you can take with you wherever you go. It’s about standing tall and straight (be a proud blogger). It really is better to do it in bare feet, but if you wear flats it’s fine and heels at a pinch. Bring your feet together, toes and heels touching. Engage your kneecaps upwards and feel your thigh muscles rolling in. Tighten your butt and tilt your pelvis (under) forward and down. Straighten your back and make sure you roll your shoulders back and down so you can feel it between your shoulder blades. Bonus chest puff-out. Even bigger bonus – heart open! Maintain a straight head, chin forward and imagine someone is pulling on the crown of your head. You really do feel taller and can maybe foresake those heels!

Supta Vajrasana – Fixed Firm or Hero’s pose – I’m not going to lie to you, this one is harder than you think. And you can’t just lie down in the middle of a conference and do it (well you could sit the first part of the posture if you are wearing pants). Sit with your knees bent backwards and your bum between your knees. Now sit. Feel the muscles and ligaments around your knees unwind, or feel your knees scream, and maybe your ankles too. Don’t sit in pain. If you can comfortably sit, you can recline back on your elbows and eventually you can lie back on the floor. Or not. I can actually lie back (for a little while at least) but thought I’d get a better model to demonstrate.

The hero bit is just sitting there. The reclining hero is just showing off. 149625-425x282-reclicing-hero

Ardha-Matsyendrasana – Spine twisting pose. This one is great for getting the toxins out of your system, like on Saturday morning after the night before. Spine twists can be like wringing out an old dishcloth. You get the picture. But they are also very good for challenging your current perspective. Nothing like twisting to get a different view. Oh and make sure to twist to both sides – it’s all about balance people.






Savasana – corpse pose – best for lying around the QT pool. Or lying down in your room on Saturday morning before facing the second day. Just make sure you have your palms facing upwards in an attitude of giving and receiving.

You can sit in full lotus, or maybe you can’t. Slight pose with this pic.

IMG_0070 vintage denim_edited-1

DO NOT TRY THESE AT #PBEVENT. Unless of course you can do them, and impress the socks off everyone! Any excuse to show off  (again) for this proud Mum.

IMG_0149 vintage denim_edited-1

Hope to see you at Problogger – where I’ll probably practice my favourite posture. And here’s to stretching ourselves – on or off the mat.


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Kathy KrugerYoga poses for Problogger #PBEVENT

27 Comments on “Yoga poses for Problogger #PBEVENT”

  1. Pinky Poinker

    Now that is a helpful post. I get dreadful aches and pains from bad posture. This is something I must do or suffer the consequences. See you at the conference Kathy 🙂

    1. Kathy Kruger

      So do I Deb – but I guess you have your jewellery and your New York trip to look forward to. And we will have to do a catch-up before the year disappears – we only live an hour apart!!

  2. Vicki @ Knocked Up and Abroad

    I love a bit of yoga myself. Pre kidlets I used to do an hour and a half every day!

    I wish I was going to Pro blogger to pull out tree pose with you but sadly I’ll be watching from the sidelines this year. Have a blast!

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Wow, that’s a lot of yoga – I try to do it 4-5 times a week, plus some random postures and meditation when I’m disciplined. Sorry you won’t be at Problogger.

  3. Tegan Churchill

    Oh I can still remember those uncomfortable chairs! I have short legs too so my legs would go numb about half way through the session lol! I hope you have a ball at Problogger!

  4. mummywifeme

    I will definitely be using some of these poses. Thank you. Hey, you should give us a yoga session on the beach! 😉

  5. Have A Laugh On Me

    You are going to look FINE at Problogger, I on the other hand have a MASSIVE head cold, can’t breathe, smell and am barking like a seal – BOO HOO. But hey I get to see a bunch of great people, including you. xxx

  6. Grace

    Great post, Kathy! Being stuck in a conference, sitting down all day, stretching before or after is a great idea! You and your family are so bendy! Can’t wait to give you a big hug, lovely! xxx

  7. Sarah Barrett

    I want you to start a spontaneous yoga class during afternoon tea. I will be up front and centre with you regardless of what I’m wearing. This is so useful! Thank you.

  8. Jane Lamason

    I would love to be able to do Savasana but my knees doth protest very strongly. I do a martial art which requires knee work and that has helped but I would love a bit more flexibility. I am with mummywifeme yoga on the beach sounds great.

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thanks for visiting Jane – I hope you can get your knees sorted. Yin yoga is fantastic for opening up through the joints and connective tissues. Hope to meet you at #PBEVENT.

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  10. Min (@riteofthemiddle)

    Timely post Kathy! I’ll be taking some of these poses on board as I’m sure to get a sore back, neck and shoulders! There’s a couple of poses that I doubt I have the flexibility for though! 😉 x

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