Yogi to Yogini – Part 1

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I’m not going to bore you with everything I put in my mouth, or how many times I do yoga (or other exercise) or even every recipe I cook.

There’s yinyang yum and there’s yinyang bloody boring.

In my quest to go from Yogi (that would be me right now, a yoga enthusiast who has practised yoga for the last 15 years, somewhat on and off but more recently regularly) to Yogini (that would be me, 10kg lighter, rockin’ or at least comfortable in a bikini) I will share some of my favourite recipes and whatever tips I think might be useful (from the mat, not from the teacher’s pedestal).

BTW – my teachers at Fireshaper don’t put themselves up on any kind of pedestal. Their feet are firmly planted on the mat – which is why I’m so keen to do my teacher training too. I want to be like them, only a better version of ME!

It is always yoga practice, not perfect. It is always about honouring the soul and the body, and believe me, my ‘a bit overweight’ body rocks the yoga room, in some asanas, on some days. And my yoga breathing practice – well that is deepening, along with my spiritual practice, and that’s what really counts. Not calories. Or handstands. Or actually (ever) getting my feet flat in downward dog!

I won’t sweat the small stuff, even though I will sweat a lot in the hot yoga room.

A Yin Yoga BLISS-OUT workshop put me right in the mood to start my ‘yogi to yogini’ challenge. Aside from being blissed-out, the workshop helped release a whole lot of stuff that had been holding me back. Or at least that’s how I felt afterwards. So already feeling lighter, I can make that feeling register on the scales.

A quiet Sunday gave me the chance to cook up a storm – aside from the coconut flour and chia crackers that crumbled rather than baked. Getting a bit adventurous with my cooking is going to be (please hold me accountable) a secret to falling in love with the right foods (which I do love, it’s just the ease/laziness/comfort/consolation of reaching for the wrong stuff that’s the problem).

Here’s a trio of good stuff (as opposed to just ‘goodies’). Shredded poached chicken (with celery, cucumber, capers and a healthy yoghurt and dijon mustard dressing). Great for a wrap or salad. NOTE TO SELF – MUST TAKE BETTER FOOD PHOTOS.

trio of goodiesshredded chickenBlack (Forbidden) Rice with red capsicum, celery and corn and a Japanese sesame dressing (yum) – going to stuff some big mushrooms with this good stuff and eat it as a salad too.

Protein balls for snacking – made from coconut, cacao, natural peanut butter and Medjool dates – power-packed for an afternoon pick-me-up if I can keep Mr Yang away from them. Plus I made healthy artichoke hommus for snacking with celery and carrot sticks.

protein ballsGoing to yoga, meditating, writing, spending quality time with the kids – all secrets to stop me reaching for a glass (or too many more) of wine after an ordinary day at work. That’s the plan. Hold me accountable.

And work is going to me more than ordinary (in my mind and motivation at least). Another secret.

In 4-5 months I want to have reached my goal and be rockin’ (or something like that) a bikini (which I’ve noted will be the middle of winter, so I won’t be rockin’ any old bikini for a while after).

Mostly I want to be truly ready for doing yoga teacher training – it is both my goal and will be my reward! CAN’T WAIT.

yoga mat yin yang

Did I mention I’d love you to hold me accountable?

I’d love to share tips I learn along the way, and would love to know any of your tips for healthy living and healthy weight loss.

*featured image may not be a current photo of me!

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Kathy KrugerYogi to Yogini – Part 1

20 Comments on “Yogi to Yogini – Part 1”


    I think we’d all love to rock a body that’s about 10kg lighter… good on you for working at it. I’ll be following and encouraging your Yogi to Yogini progress every step of the way… and perhaps it’ll provide me the inspiration I need to start on my own own healthy living mission.

    1. Kathy Kruger

      I think it is hard when you love food so much, and being adventurous with food. It’s all about taste for me and there are so many different (healthier) alternatives to try to keep the taste without the kj and the sugar/bad fat.

  2. Caz @ Home Heart Haven

    I love your energy, Kathy! I’ll be following along too. My focus this year is on my health rather than weight loss (although that would be brilliant should it happen) so I look forward to your tips. I’ve got black rice in the pantry so I’ll give that salad a try πŸ™‚

  3. Kate - QTQF

    Great plan. I love the way you put it that yoga teacher training will be your goal and your reward. Both are so important aren’t they. I did a similar challenge at the end of last year and while the intensity hasn’t stayed with me, a lot of the habits have and the weight has stayed off so there is hope for your bikini body waiting around until the weather warms back up πŸ™‚ Good luck with it all x

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thanks Kate – most people who seem to be successful with getting healthier and losing weight do wrap it around a challenge – glad to hear it worked for you. I don’t think I’ll be doing any flaunting of hoped-for bikini body, but it will be nice to feel leaner in the yoga room.

  4. mummywifeme

    Good for you! My friend has gone on a number of yoga retreats in Byron. Not the easiest thing for you to do when you have kids I know, but maybe you should check it out. She found them really beneficial and she even worked as a yoga teacher afterwards.

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thanks Renee – I go to a weekend yoga retreat at Springbrook every year (it is cheap and only a couple of nights, and I love it). I’ve been letting my weight creep up for the last five or more years (happens a lot in your 40’s), but my love of yoga is a strong incentive to reverse that trend!

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thanks Tegan – the chicken is a nice combo. The key for me is taste, and of course lots of fatty, sugary foods have taste, but….I’ll be certainly sharing some tasty favourite recipes.

  5. EssentiallyJess

    Go you!!! I have long given up on ever wearing a bikini, but I think no matter how thin I am, I will never be comfortable in one. πŸ™‚
    And in terms of holding you accountable, I hope you didn’t have too many wines tonight πŸ™‚

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thanks Jess – no wine at all! I’m not sure how comfortable I’ll ever be in a bikini either, but I want to be comfortable, feeling leaner in the yoga room.

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