Gratitude – Laughing Buddha loves holidays (who doesn’t!)

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One lucky laughing Buddha got to come along to Brunswick Heads for our annual extended family holiday. The other two got left behind at home, but at least they had each other for company. The holidaying Buddha had lots of laughs and learned a few lessons:

  • It reminded him that the journey as important as the destination – on a boat or on a bike.
  • Sometimes you just have to jump into life (even when you look a bit silly or feel a bit scared).
  • The size of your impact is not as important as the size of your heart (the big Buddha at Crystal Castle really is very BIG).
  • Sometimes you just have to ride the waves of life and see where they take you (Buddha rode a boogie board).
  • Always be sunsafe
  • Drink and celebrate responsibly
  • If you can’t catch a fish you can always hang out with Bubbles the fish (who got forgotten when we left for holidays and had to be retrieved in a two and half hour round trip the next morning, thanks Mr Yang).
  • No-one can steal your positive outlook on life, even if scumbags steal three fishing rods, a tackle box full of stuff and your yabbie pump (poor Mr Yang). At least we have Bubbles the fish!

Buddha on a boat

Buddha on a bike

Buddha jumps off a bridge, brave Buddha

Buddha and Bubbles the fish on holiday

Buddha enjoying a beer at Brunswick Heads Hotel

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Kathy KrugerGratitude – Laughing Buddha loves holidays (who doesn’t!)

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