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Is your IPOD/Phone shuffle playlist trying to tell you something?

I’ll start by admitting I’m a sop (regular readers might have guessed this already, duh!). Which means my IPhone playlist of favourite, easy-listening, inspirational tunes is a little, or a lot, embarrassing (and mellow and melancholy). And I really should update it with a few newer songs!  I do have a more hip and upbeat fave list that I’ll pump up when I go for a run (not nearly as often as I should). But for a gentle walk around the park with my two year old on a beautiful Spring morning, its chillax.

So I touch the shuffle and the first random song, of 74 on the playlist, comes on.

You could be happy – Snow Patrol

Ok – so this is a break-up song, the singer urging the breakee to be happy, indeed hoping they’ll be happy and go on to great things, that they’ll take ‘a glorious bite out of life’. Someone is telling me that happiness is indeed my own choice – I just need to be hungry for it.

Forever Young – Bob Dylan

I love the lilting sound of this song and am a sucker for the lyrics. When I edited my own ‘thank-you video’ to my husband, family and friends for my 30th (OK 40th) birthday, I chose to focus on the hope of staying forever young – Mr Dylan you can serenade me with promises of eternal youth all you like.

Beautiful – Christina Aguilera

I’m certainly not going to object to being told that I am beautiful, no matter what they say. ‘Words’ (mostly my own stupid self-talk) ‘won’t bring me down’ – wise words indeed from a gutsy songstress.

You’ve got a friend – Carole King

And if words do bring me down, I can count on the promise of a friend, according to Carole King. ‘When you’re down and troubled, and you need some loving care and nothing, nothing is going right. Keep yourself together, and call my name out loud, and soon I’ll be knocking at your door.” Now that’s the kind of friend I want and want to be (and am lucky to have – count myself very lucky).

Insert – break to play at the park.

You are so Beautiful – Joe Cocker

OK, so I’m again being told I’m beautiful again – not bad – twice in one playlist! This song reminds me of my daughter though – I used it when editing the video I made of our adoption of her – Cocker’s gravelly voice accompanied by the few precious images we received, and fell in love with, before we even met her.

Better Times – The Black Sorrows

Getting a bit more upbeat here, as Joe Camillera and his Black Sorrows urge me to ‘Believe’- that better times are ahead. And frankly, on a stunning sunny morning, things aren’t too bad at present.

Please Forgive Me – David Gray

This song is so achingly plaintiff as Gray begs forgiveness for falling so deeply into the eyes of the one he loves. I don’t know whether I’m being reminded of the precious gift that is such undying love, or being asked for to forgive someone for not being so open to it – if so then I suspect it’s myself I need to forgive, myself I need to love more.

The Long and Winding Road – the Beatles

This, of course, is the final song I play as we near home again after a nice little outing, the exception being that Little Yang was pushed over in the playground by a big three year old – end result, tears. And mortification for the pushee’s Mum.

But the tears soon dry, and as we wind our way back home, I can’t help but be reminded of the long and winding road that brought us to the adoption of our two kids. As we turn into the driveway, little Yang is nodding off in his stroller – yes – journey complete, lessons learned – and precious time to write them down while someone naps!


I’m wondering whether you’ve had this experience of songs speaking to you so sweetly, of lyrics that feel as though they were written just for you, in the very moment you listen to them?

Of course if you are listening from your own selection, the music will naturally appeal, but sometimes songs just seem to synchronise with how you are feeling, or with what you need to hear!

And maybe you’ve had a random radio song hit you straight between the ears with its poignant message?

Finally if you hit the ‘shuffle’ button on your life, what new possibilities might speak (or sing) to you?

Love to hear your special song moments.


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Kathy KrugerHit the shuffle button on life!

4 Comments on “Hit the shuffle button on life!”

  1. Leisa

    funny how we find songs ‘speak’ to us. The soundtracks of our lives are just as individual as we are!

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