Mother Nature’s mercy

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It’s enclosing. Cocooning. Shrouded in mist, the dark landscape seems to envelop everything under a thick, dank blanket. It feels like coming home.

The rain lashes and thrashes through the landscape. Sheets slash through trees, torrents tear at leaves. It’s aggressive, violent even. There’s something biblical in this fierce weather – do we need such a heavy reminder of our own small and uncertain lives in a hostile world, or to know that what flows torrential, steady, unbidden, flows and then stills within us too.

Silence and stillness are held hostage to the squalls but they’re still there, quietly underneath the din, whispering softly within the gusts. I’m either trapped or cocooned within my ‘prison cell’ room, frightened and vulnerable, or safe and dry – a sad silk moth with clipped wings or a butterfly just waiting for the sunshine and light to fly.

When the rain is this heavy it sounds solid, not like water at all, but like the roof, the walls, the sky itself is caving in. We’re 900 metres above sea-level and it feels like the cracks from the heavens opening up could swallow us whole.

But in the spaces between the downpours, in the minute pauses in the midst of all that gushing and clamouring, the trickles become audible again and you can listen for a single drop in the space of a heartbeat. You can hear nothing at all if you listen hard enough.

And then the wild weather is at it again, like some crazy woman.

But it doesn’t matter to me because there’s warmth to be found in the flow of words, even in the wet and cold.


Theosophical Society Retreat, Springbrook

The dawn is daring to break through the heavy weather, an anaemic sun at least still alive in the insipid, grey light. A single bird’s twitter sounds hopeful and yet certain of a new day. Surely it must be sick of the constant drubbing of rain, of buffeting its feathers against the deluge, of seeking shelter under drenched branches and still feeling wet and cold to the bone. Yet it feels enough cheer for song, even as the rain continues relentless.

We see weather as an inconvenience, causing plans to change, causing accidents because we never know how to drive in such wet, yet choose to drive anyway. We should be retreating into our warm, dry cocoons instead of seeking to conquer the weather as though we could or should the world. We complain that today is not a day when we can fly, instead of preparing for the possibility of flying someday. We cancel plans, cursed, instead of feeling ourselves blessed with the chance to stay close, to stay in. We want to venture outdoors, when we should be content going within. We seek the world outside when it is already inside us.


Rainy days and yoga retreats always make me smile

Mother Nature can be a bitch (there you go fellow Mums – if Mother Nature herself gets the cranks – sometimes BIG time – then that surely justifies our mere mortal mother frustrations). Today though She has the weather just perfect in my opinion. Perfect for a yoga retreat, particularly one marking the start of winter in the mountains. Perfect for wholesome vegetarian food and warming cups of tea by the fire. Perfect for yin yoga and mediation and the soothing, healing sounds being exquisitely coaxed from crystal bowls – their vibrations reaching deep into the soul, so that all other sound is drowned out and the only echo is the sound of silence. It’s called a sound bath and you are literally cleansed by the soulful sounds and left feeling relaxed and dreamy.

I feel guilty that while the wild weather rages, disrupts and damages, I get to feel so relaxed and dreamy. But I only feel a little guilty (and I suspect Mother Nature doesn’t feel Mother Guilt at all). Mostly I just feel grateful.

The sun comes out for us on the last day of the retreat and it feels like a fitting end. It’s only when I return to ‘civilisation’ that I realise that Mother Nature looks like she’s pretty darn mad with New South Wales and Tasmania. Yep, She can be a bitch. And I feel guilty writing this in light of the storm devastation.

Mother Nature bids us to wind down in winter, just as She bids us to speed up in summer. She calls for growth in Spring, release in Autumn. In our fast-paced modern world we can lose touch with the cycles of the seasons, the cycles of the moon, the innate knowledge we have within us that allows us to tune into time and tide, harmonising rather than clashing with nature. Harmonising with the flow of life itself. Our modern, materialistic lifestyle distances us from the very nature we are part of.

If we are to go deep into  reYINvention, then we need to see nature as our friend, our Mother (even when She seems to have a bad case of PMS or is all moody pre-menopausal). We need to learn from nature, live by Her rhythms, spend time enjoying nature and just ‘being’ and understand how She ultimately creates anew, again and again, even after She destroys the old.

I hope you weathered the weekend storms Ok and can weather life’s storms, renewing yourself in nature. Linking up with Essentially Jess for IBOT and Grace for FYBF.

Namaste sign off_edited-1

Kathy X

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Kathy KrugerMother Nature’s mercy

13 Comments on “Mother Nature’s mercy”

  1. Kit@Life through the haze

    I have never been on a retreat of any kind. I struggle with meditating and just being lol … But I have to admit the sound of being surrounded by likeminded people and not my children needing me when we can’t get out and do anything anyway sounds very appealing! Glad you were able to get your working flowing xoxo

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thanks Kit. This is my annual retreat – just two nights in Springbrook, not far from the Gold Coast where I live. It is not expensive and the accommodation is very basic, but it still feels like a bit of an indulgence – I’m lucky. I did get back Sunday afternoon and have to take my daughter to Brisbane for a dance eisteddfod and then we had our son at the dentist for his first extraction yesterday, so the yoga veneer can start to rub off in the busyness of everyday life. It was nice while it lasted.

  2. hugzillablog

    “We should be retreating into our warm, dry cocoons instead of seeking to conquer the weather as though we could or should the world.” I love this, and it is so true. We were lucky to be able to stay at home as a family all weekend, and it was lovely. We all played board games and watched documentaries and baked cake and just hung out together in our trackies and slippers. It was the best.

  3. mummywifeme

    Beautifully written, Kathy. We enjoyed staying in this past weekend. Spending time together, playing games and snuggling up. Your retreat sounds perfect. I’m jealous of that vegetarian food 🙂

  4. Toni (Finding Myself Young)

    I love this perspective Kathy. We had no choice but to stay in when we had the wet weather here, because everywhere around us floods. To be honest I would never want to go out in it anyway, I’m happy to stay in and snuggle up on rainy days {especially as I can choose to and don’t HAVE to go to work in them now}. #teamIBOT

  5. Lydia C. Lee

    We stayed in but the rain came in too…not badly, just worryingly. I also went out and had to take ages getting home cos every road was dangerously flooded…so I had to go via 2 other suburbs. But better safe than sorry, right? Sounds like the perfect weekend for a yoga retreat.

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thanks Ingrid – and thanks for letting me know about the comment going to spam (strange). It was very relaxing – this week has been busy again so I’m trying to hold onto that feeling.

  6. EssentiallyJess

    I love the rain. It’s a side effect of growing up in the tropics where everything feels alive with the rain.
    I’m sad for what’s been lost for others though. Nature is a fickle thing.

  7. Michelle Weaver (@pinkypoinker)

    I was able to cocoon myself during the weekend weather on my sick bed. I pictured the rain washing and cleansing my body with every squally downpour. It was lovely. After leaving a city where it never rains I must say I don’t feel guilty savouring the rain 🙂 Lovely post, Kathy.

  8. mamagrace71

    Man, those storms were crazy but if there was one place I would’ve loved to have been through it all – it’s a yoga retreat! And yes, with Mother Nature, we just roll with it. There is no way we can fight against it x

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