The beauty of impermanence

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Our footprints in life are as evanescent as our footprints in the sand, or in the snow, which makes enjoying the journey all the more important. You really need to seize the moment to leave your mark on a snowy Canadian beach! The yinyang symbol so simply symbolises the impermanence of all things – there is an endless flow between … Read More

Kathy KrugerThe beauty of impermanence

Introducing the Laughing Buddha Adventures

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I have three ‘Laughing Buddhas’ who occasionally go on adventures! The ‘laughing Buddha’ is a nickname for a popular Chinese folklore deity Budai. Budai is usually depicted as a fat, bald man who is almost always smiling and laughing. He is widely recognised in Chinese culture as a symbol of contentment. Budai is believed to have been a Chinese Buddhist monk … Read More

Kathy KrugerIntroducing the Laughing Buddha Adventures

Balance doesn’t have to be boring

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I like to bang on about balance – but that doesn’t make me boring – does it? My version of balance is one of being centred when we are out there pursuing adventures or taking on challenges and when we are taking time out to reflect. Let me explain.

Kathy KrugerBalance doesn’t have to be boring

What if you could be the ‘you’ in photographs?

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family portrait yinyangmother

You know smiling, happy, presentable (well mostly). From posed portraits that portray you at your best (supposedly), to glamour photos that make you look even better (I’ve never actually had a true glam shot, but I hope I’d look better). Then there are family photos that freeze rich and rare memories for posterity, holiday images that transform you back in … Read More

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Kathy KrugerWhat if you could be the ‘you’ in photographs?