Friday find your flow – just use your senses

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OK – so this post is a little deep. When was the last time you got up at dawn and listened to the world waking up? The last time you heard the birds greet the morning and each other, oblivious to your eavesdropping? When did you last stop to really listen, watch and feel everything around you? When did you … Read More

Kathy KrugerFriday find your flow – just use your senses

Counting the days, measuring those moments

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This day last year was as close to perfect as a day can get. It was two days before we were flying home from Canada, at the end of our 12 month exchange. I skied for the first time with my good Canadian friend, and my last time in Canada. The day was happy, gorgeous, brilliant, wonderful, magical – a … Read More

Kathy KrugerCounting the days, measuring those moments

Happy New Year, explode the bad, celebrate the good

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I’ve been having fun playing with video editing to wish you a Happy New Year. May you explode all the bad stuff out of your life and welcome in lots of good stuff in 2013. And enjoy the fireworks, (and the video).  

Kathy KrugerHappy New Year, explode the bad, celebrate the good

What a difference a year makes

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This photo was taken by our friends on Christmas Day in Squamish, Canada where we lived throughout 2011. They had lots of snow and a lovely White Christmas – of course it rained when we were there for Christmas last year. I have to admit I’m just a little bit disappointed we missed this and the snow came one year too late! … Read More

Kathy KrugerWhat a difference a year makes

A (Christmas) Tree – a meditation on life

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I have a confession to make – I’m rather obsessed with trees! Not just Christmas trees, but all sorts of trees. And I think that considering how trees are rooted into the ground (yin) and reach for the sky (yang) they are a perfect symbol of balance, of embracing change, of bending into it, of letting go (of leaves, raindrops, … Read More

Kathy KrugerA (Christmas) Tree – a meditation on life

Worry is always wasted

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It’s that dull silence on the end of the phone – not exactly dead but humming unnervingly with what must be the sound of worry, if it had a sound to go with the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that settles like a stone later. Still on-hold. Then the medical receptionist says she needs to run the … Read More

Kathy KrugerWorry is always wasted

Jump into a new perspective!

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I should start by saying that jumping is done under supervision. At high tide. The drop is less than three metres. No diving is allowed.  As in so much in life, the spectre is far scarier than the reality. And so the kids take their turn.

Kathy KrugerJump into a new perspective!

Gratitude – Laughing Buddha loves holidays (who doesn’t!)

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One lucky laughing Buddha got to come along to Brunswick Heads for our annual extended family holiday. The other two got left behind at home, but at least they had each other for company. The holidaying Buddha had lots of laughs and learned a few lessons:

Kathy KrugerGratitude – Laughing Buddha loves holidays (who doesn’t!)

Winning and losing (two sides of the same coin)

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flip a coin, win and lose

This week has been a big one for winners and losers. Of course the two-horse race in the United States saw President Obama secure a second term, victorious over Republican rival Mitt Romney. In Australia’s big horse race, the Melbourne Cup, a horse called Green Moon proved capable of winning more than once in a blue moon, and when it … Read More

Kathy KrugerWinning and losing (two sides of the same coin)

Lessons from a two year old (thanks Little Yang)

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Lesson No 1 – You are never too old to learn, nor too young to teach I’m getting old – old to be a mother to a two and a half year old anyway! Had I given birth to him, aged 41.5, it would have been a geriatric pregnancy (don’t you just love that term!) and something of a miracle … Read More

Kathy KrugerLessons from a two year old (thanks Little Yang)

Find your flow by letting go

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You might call me lazy, but I like to follow the wisdom of Chinese sage Lao Tsu when he says ‘By letting go, all things get done’. Sounds easy doesn’t it. Just relax. Chill out. Like you don’t actually have to DO anything – just go with the flow (I bet you’re picturing yourself floating on a lie-low down some … Read More

Kathy KrugerFind your flow by letting go

The beauty of impermanence

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Our footprints in life are as evanescent as our footprints in the sand, or in the snow, which makes enjoying the journey all the more important. You really need to seize the moment to leave your mark on a snowy Canadian beach! The yinyang symbol so simply symbolises the impermanence of all things – there is an endless flow between … Read More

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Kathy KrugerThe beauty of impermanence