The good C words

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*Word Nerd Alert*

Clearly there are some not so great ‘C’ words, and even though I do drop the f-bomb, those words will remain off (my) limits. Off-limit words shall include a few that on the face of it may seem acceptable in some circumstances (competition, comparison, even conflict) but that really we should rid from our vocabularies. And our lives.

Anyway, there are so many good, great ‘C’ words to choose from.

Here are my choices:

Contentment – what’s not to like about this one. Hey even when things aren’t absolutely fantastic you can still be content.

Communication – where relationships start and possibly end. Preferably face to face. At least over the phone. Forget messaging.

Conversation – as is communicating for the pleasure of it, as in really listening and really sharing

Connection – not just ‘engagement’ or ‘reaching out’ to people (in marketing jargon). Genuine communing with another soul.

Cooperation – it avoids conflict and beats competition (almost always)

Collaboration – it goes one better – some of the best things in the world are created by minds and hearts working together

Clarity – the wonderful flip-side of confusion and more important than ever in our noisy and busy world

Confidence – from clarity hopefully comes confidence and I reckon there’s a lot to be said for ‘faking it until you make it’

Creativity – without clarity and confidence our creativity can be stifled. Creativity is definitely a real favourite – anything is possible.

Contribution – ah, the secret sauce. My ideal is to be creative in order to connect and contribute. I’m most creative when I’m contributing.

Consideration – a little of this goes such a long way and is more important than ever in our busy lives

Compassion – the most beautiful kind of love. There can never be enough, and it all starts with self-compassion.

Cohesion – maybe this is just an ideal, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could celebrate our similarities and our differences

Community – wouldn’t it be wonderful if we really did come together so the village raised the kids

Control – this one has a ‘self’ in front of it. I’m talking the kind of self-awareness that gives you control over your thought patterns and moods so you can be clear, confident, compassionate – not the sort of control that seeks to dominate others.

Copulation – well for a bit of fun

Chocolate – what’s not to love


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Cake – did someone say cake! Actually I was looking for an excuse to post a pic of my recent ‘masterpiece’ – the easiest cake in the history of birthday parties. Little Yang’s 6th birthday party was done and dusted a couple of weeks ago. Possibly the last party we’ll do at home. I’m a little sad, but let’s face it, mostly relieved.

Little Yang's cake

Champagne – I’ll drink to that


What’s your favourite ‘C’ word? Linking up with Grace for FYBF.

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Kathy KrugerThe good C words

9 Comments on “The good C words”

  1. Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

    Well this may go against the yinyang but you know my favourite word is Commitment. As a success consultant it’s the commitment that separate the good from the great! But it’s my commitment that also ties me down … soooooooooo

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Leanne – I think commitment is a good C word and not against the yinyang philosophy. If you’re committing to what you want to do then you will get great outcomes – if you are stuck doing something you don’t want to do then it’s a burden. Here’s to more good commitments and fewer burdens.

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